Sunday, May 24, 2009

No New Beer Today! Sorry

I've got no new beer to report on today. Sue me! I have plenty of options in the garage, but had no time today. My brother arrived from Philly via Sanibel while he's on vacation for the week with his in-laws there. The shitty weather sent us to Chuck-E-Cheese's and we tried to do the pool for an hour afterward. But basically we've been dodging lightning all day. I did get to see my brother, sister-in-law and nephew which was cool. And my 7-year old cried and is still crying that they had to leave. Very touching.

But just because I didn't drink a new one for you doesn't mean I didn't drink. I had a bunch of my beloved Sam Adams Boston Lager and grilled a great dinner. I also have some insight from the BBQ I went to last night.

Our friends live on a golf course. Living on a golf course, I could see myself there. At this party, as the last golfers of the day passed by the host's house, he got out his set of clubs and a giant flowerpot full of balls that he'd picked out of his pool and yard over the prior few months. We went to the fringe of one hole and had our own private driving range complete with a lake hazard and a green with flag from another hole, a nice 160 yard hole. Couldn't have been more ideal. I was very pleased with my performance too, and put one or two of my 60 shots within a foot or so (of course I shanked a few off the road, too, so it all balanced out). Then the kids all went out and filled their pockets and we got 90% of the balls back.

So the moral of the story is to get rich and live on a golf course and make sure that your windows are made of plexi-glass so the shitty golfers don't take out your windows. And so you can have fun in the evening hours. I promise you a new review tomorrow. Love, Beer Drinker.

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