Friday, May 22, 2009

Peg Leg Imperial Stout

Anyone have some cigar stories? Personally I think I've had my fill of cigars for a lifetime, mostly because they start to get annoying after just a bit and they take so long to smoke. Why is everyone always asking me to enjoy a cigar with them? I can understand that some people like them, shout out to for bridging the beer-cigar gap, but for me, I'll usually pass.

Beyond the thin Swisher Sweets, the little cigars, my experience with cigars is limited. I had a girlfriend one summer, yes it's true. And on the way to Atlantic City Race Course (before they shut it down to simulcasting only), we'd stop and buy a few cigars to smoke. What a chick, me and my girl, smoking cigars at the track. Until she decided she really wasn't that into me, because I apparently knew everything. Whatever, tell me something I don't know.

A few other cigar memories off the top of my head: I used to go to Nat Sherman's to goof off during work in New York. We'd try the different sample cigarettes and cigars they had in their humidor, like we were their elite NY business clientele. My brother asked me to share a cigar with him during my wedding reception which I of course did, but I only lasted 10 minutes on the balcony of that country club--I had had enough. At a fairly recent party, a guy from work brought me a cigar to smoke with him. Very nice gesture, but who am I? George Burns? Anyway, that's my cigar opinion.

In the lineup today is Peg Leg Imperial Stout brewed by Clipper City Brewing Company in Baltimore, Maryland. I had and thoroughly enjoyed their Loose Cannon Hop³ Ale about a week ago, so let's try the other end of the beer rainbow. I also made a crack about "Heavy Seas" but was right that Loose Cannon and this Peg Leg are both part of that beer line. So here we go.

There is a nice chocolate and coffee and dark fruit aroma. The first things I tasted were powerful coffee and brown sugar flavors. There are also dark fruit and chocolate flavors but they are a little less pronounced. Up front, the 8% alcohol content is completely hidden, but as the beer evolves on your palate and after a few sips and some warming time, you do start to get that alcohol kick and a nice little burn on the aftertaste. Medium body and fairly smooth, I'd say this is a pretty good beer and a second strong outing for Clipper City Brewing. Don't let the goofy pirate comics on the label make you wary or pick up something else--this is a seriously good beer.

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