Sunday, May 10, 2009

Penn Dark

Happy Mother's Day, mom. Those 20 hours of labor are appreciated. Sorry I forgot to buy you a card, but I'll give you a call later. Same to all you other moms out there--the well wishes, not the call part.

Deciding the plans for today has been brutal. First, we were going to go to a park for a picnic, but we decided it's too hot and the plans were too up-in-the-air with the other people. Then was it the beach, the water park or the pool? We opted for the pool and decided to do a bike ride first, the long bike ride with a duck feeding in the middle. The kids really enjoy that part, although the ducks around here are basically nuisances. Jesus, hold on! Every time the battery on one of the 15 smoke detectors in this place gets low, there is a shrill beeping every couple minutes. But figuring out which detector is basically impossible--which one, they are pretty close to each other, then waiting for the next warning beep, takes forever. I already changed one battery, but dude, I guess it was the wrong one.

So the pool was basically a nightmare. Beautiful day, awesome water, but 3+ kids fighting over 5 pool darts was the underlying theme of the 2.5 hours there. Everyone was miserable, we've had multiple time-outs, arguing, back-talk. Any people that are now considering children? Take my comments into consideration. Think long and hard.

Today, yet another new brewery and beer for me. Penn Dark brewed by Pennsylvania Brewing Company in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I had a summer girlfriend from there one year. Lasted about a week.

There is a strong roasted and nutty, malty aroma to Penn Dark. I immediately taste some sweet, roasted chocolate with those nutty overtones. There are also some dark cherries and a little medicine-like flavor mixed in there. Slightly bitter, yet still on the sweet end of the spectrum. Mid-upper level carbonation with a light-medium body, this beer is extremely smooth to drink. An interesting beer despite its lack of complexity and the fact that nothing evolves or is left on the palate. I'd definitely drink it again, but might opt for something else if I had a choice.

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