Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rogue Shakespeare Stout

A few weeks ago I told you about one of my pet peeves--waiting in line to pay. Well, another very similar one is waiting for fast food chains to have the fast food ready. I mean, how many menu items does Little Caesars have that it can't have a stockpile of cheese and pepperoni pizzas waiting for the masses? Every single person that walks into that place buys pizza. And every single person that walks into a McDonalds buys french fries. So come on guys, have your signature products ready. Please???

I am actually just about finished with my 22 oz. bottle of Rogue Shakespeare Stout brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. You want to know what my favorite Shakespeare play is? I don't have one, despite reading like 10 or more of them in high school and college. If I were absolutely forced to choose, I'd probably pick Macbeth or Julius Caesar (not to be confused with not-having-pizza-ready Little Caesar). But generally, Shakespeare is not on my list. Until tonight, my drinking list. I hope these Rogue guys just thought it was a cool beer name.

Shakespeare Stout has a nice malty caramel and coffee aroma. Flavors are definitely smokey all around, and there is a strong black coffee (no Splenda added) and slightly bitter chocolate presence throughout as well. There are some burnt flavors in there, too. This is a creamy stout and not super thick. It is not sweet, but rather just ever-so-slightly on the bitter side, and dry as well. The alcohol is not a powerful component but does taste nice in there, and the beer leaves a nice and long-lasting aftertaste. Wonderful stout, and one of my favorite Rogue beers for sure. So I guess it's OK to like Shakespeare as long as we ain't talking literature!

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