Monday, May 4, 2009

Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

I'm in a bit of a bind today. My refrigerator is not refrigerating, which basically defeats the whole purpose of having that monster silver box taking up space. So I just spent the last hour dumping spoiled milk and throwing out room-temperature chicken. Thank God the garbage man comes tomorrow to haul away that disgustingness. And what is it about Florida that the ants sense my pain? My refrigerator was like that Tom and Jerry episode where the ants attacked their picnic. However, I am not sure how, but my freezer is still keeping a full load rock solid frozen. Tonight, we'll be living out of the cooler filled with ice, and soon to be ice around a few beers including Samuel Adams Imperial Stout. Tomorrow morning the fix-refrigerator dudes will come (and hopefully fix it). Until then, I am having flashbacks to Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. I know she did far worse damage to Cancun, I think one of the lowest-pressure hurricanes ever, but we didn't have electricity for over a month, my cable was out and I had to watch the World Series with rabbit ears, and boil bath water on the propane grill, not to mention the property damage and having to keep the shutters up to make the house feel like a cave and deal with the sweaty temperatures. Sucked, a lot, but everyone here in Florida feels horrible for the damage and death in Mexico (and every other place from every other hurricane, because we know).

Today I am drinking a Samuel Adams Imperial Stout brewed by one of my favorite breweries, The Boston Beer Company in Boston, Massachusetts. I've chilled it back down to a normal beer drinking temperature.

Great caramel and chocolaty malt aroma. Right away you get a thick mouthful of those same chocolate and burnt caramel and toffee flavors. They last a while, then evolve with a noticeable alcohol finish, which I guess with 9.2% alcohol content you might expect. Along the way, there are some coffee and raisin flavors mixed into the fray, too. Very creamy, light carbonation, and nicely balanced throughout. I'd recommend you putting a few down, and a few in your working fridge for tomorrow night.


broncoblogger said...

Sounds like a good beer to me. I will have to try it! I had a beer yesterday called Murphy's. It's a Red Ale with a smooth rich taste. Perfect to slam down while watching the Nuggets slam Dallas..

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yep. It was a nice one. Check it out. Thanks for the recommendation to Murphy's and the comment. See you in the Super Bowl with my Eagles!