Saturday, May 9, 2009

Steelhead Extra Stout

Against my better judgment, I entered a Wal-Mart this morning in search of a bicycle for my almost-7-year old's birthday next week. My wife convinced me that I should just get the food while I was there, too, and not stop at Publix on the way home for the groceries.

So we went to the bike area and my son was sitting on a few and pedaling very slowly back and forth a few times to pick the one that felt the best. That's when one of the store employees said something to me in Spanish, and from what I understood, he was telling me that my son couldn't ride back and forth. But I just said, "What?" I don't know why that caught him off guard, even though we were in Hialeah, but he replied "My English not so good" and walked away. Could've been the look I shot his way, too. So we continued to ride back and forth until the bike was chosen. If you want to tell me I can't do something from an authority position, especially something I think I can do in the evaluation of a product for purchase, you damn well better be able to tell me in English. I'm not an asshole, and probably would have complied had it been explained that their insurance doesn't allow that, or whatever the standard line is.

Then we picked out the 20 or so grocery items we needed which took forever. First, because my son was trailing our cart with his new bike. But second because I have zero clue where any of the food items I need are located. So I left without a few on the list.

The checkout line was 5 deep, and the rate we were moving was equivalent to the rate at which the milk in my cart was spoiling. I guess I didn't have to say that loud enough for the cashier and everyone in 4 lines to hear, but I did. That is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves--waiting to pay. It's like I need to beg the retailer to take my money. I can patiently wait my turn, but for more than 5 minutes, that pisses me off A LOT. I've abandoned carts of food, dropped armfuls of clothes, and just walked out on other shopping trips. But I vow never to shop at (at least) that Wal-Mart ever again.

Another new beer and brewery today. I chose Steelhead Extra Stout brewed by Mad River Brewing Company in Blue Lake, California. Sounds like a nice place. Without the energy to do any research, the bottle calls it a "West Coast Original" and "Rebellious" and "From the heart of Humboldt" if that interests you. I'm not intrigued enough, but maybe you are.

I was surprised to smell a lot of hops when I took a whiff of this. I also got a good dose of caramel malts and sweetness in the aroma. The flavors start out with a good amount of chocolate and dark fruits plus some coffee overtones. This beer is fairly sweet and has some roasted caramel flavors as well, and a little raisin in the background. Steelhead Extra Stout is creamy as well. It is a medium-bodied beer as something is cutting up any thickness. Maybe it's the alcohol doing that as I don't really notice any alcohol in this beer, so no kick to it. Carbonation is low and the beer is a little flat, but overall, this is a very nice to drink and smooth stout that I'd surely try another night.


shsch said...

Here's the City of Blue Lake CA web site address if you're interested. It's a town of 1,200 or so located in Humboldt County. We're 300+ miles north of San Francisco and 90 miles south from Oregon as well as 5 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.

shsch said...

The City of Blue Lake has a population of around 1,200 and is located 300+ miles north of San Francisco and about 85 miles south of the Oregon state line. The Pacific Ocean is 5 miles to the West.

For more details,

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thank you for the insight, shsch. I guess that clears up the Humboldt part.

Miss Suzie said...

Yes, every Walmart I've ever been to sucks ass! So much so that I refuse to carry my trusty fork inside for fear I'd stab eveyone in there. =(

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Miss Suzie.

I've sworn off the Wal-Mart where this particular day took place, but there is another that I will go to if necessary. Necessary meaning I need tackle for a fishing trip.