Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Grand Marnier. Yep, Grand Marnier. No I have not become a Frenchman. But yesterday we took a cake for my son's birthday over to a neighbor's house and a bottle of it there reminded me of a trip to Paris. The memory of that awesome liqueur on their crepes was making my mouth water. When I got to the party, I was offered some Rose Merlot-type wine stuff which is when I noticed the Bottle over in the corner. I asked if I could have some of it instead, and the answer was most certainly. So three or four Grand Marniers later, I had a refresher on what a terrific drink it is. Except beer is better, of course. I am not leaving you, my love.

So today I'll be drinking Stone Imperial Russian Stout brewed by Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California. I've had numerous Stone beers and usually I am thrilled with the results. And the expectations are high for this big bottle here tonight, too. Being the fan that I am, and recently joining Facebook in search of other beer fans, I joined the Stone fan club and group. As I was making some comments and introducing myself to other very specific people from a group I joined and that interested me, Facebook kept warning me that I was acting erratically. I mean, I didn't ask thousands of people to be my friend, I jumped through all the double CAPTCHA type-in-word hoops, and I typed each a personal message. And many people became my friend, which proves my point. Yet I managed to get on their shit list and warned several times. If you're in Facebook and want to be my friend there, ask here. And if you want to read my daily posts, sign up for a daily email on the top right or become a follower below that. I am being watched by the man outside of this site.

Wow! What a terrific aroma of raisins and other dark fruits mixed with chocolate and coffee. The flavors are just as nice. Thick, full-bodied, chewy. You taste a lot of coffee and molasses type flavors mixed in with a hint of chocolate and vanilla (like the famous Black and White cookie). Malty and sweet, yet you still taste the high 10.5% alcohol content, balanced very nicely. The aftertaste produces a burnt caramel type flavor that lasts and lasts. Very easy to drink and smooth, yet I think there is only room for one of these big 22 ouncers at a time, considering the alcohol and consistency. Anyway, excellent beer that you should all experience. Here I come, Facebook, to tell people and find its fans. Get your friend cops ready!

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Lost said...

"Chewy" eh? That's the first time I've heard that term used with beer. :)


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Lost.

Well, not exactly like a Porterhouse, but thick enough to matter. Talk to you soon.