Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stoudts Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Getting angry in the kitchen never works out, so keep your cool. A few days ago, I was trying to dump my floured stew meat into the hot oil and was getting pissed off that some wouldn't fall out of the bag. So I got angry and splash, hot oil all over my arm. It was kind of ironic that I had one of my kids' fake tattoos on the same arm, one that says Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, the kind that they pass out after fire safety demonstrations. Now as my skin sloughs off in few of the worst spots, I wish I had just had a little more patience. Maybe next time.

I replenished and stocked up for Memorial Day Weekend at Total Wine on the way home. Did I mention that is a lovely place? Two clerks and the store manager asked me how I was doing, if I was finding everything I need, and were teasing my little one. Either they really are great, or I am getting a reputation there (or both). But I have some great options for the next few days.

Today I'm drinking Stoudt's Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed by Stoudt's Brewing Company in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. I've had a few others from this brewery as well. The label has a big fat old Labrador Retriever on it which reminds me of a few that my friends had growing up. They are the sweetest, most loyal and playful dogs I've been around. Anyway, I guess Fat Dog beer has its Fat Dog mascot.

Caramel and toffee malts with dark fruits make for an excellent aroma. The first flavors are of coffee and chocolate malts, very rich and sweet. The flavors are pretty complex and evolve nicely on your palate as you begin to taste more roasted and dark fruity flavors. The alcohol at 9% content is not hidden at any part of the experience, but it is nicely balanced by all the sweetness. For sure it gives a good kick, but the creamy goodness of the beer makes each sip really nice, and the flavors last in your mouth for a great aftertaste that sticks around for a long time. You should definitely get yourself a bottle or two of this to drink.

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