Monday, May 11, 2009

TommyKnocker ButtHead

I've added another retailer to my shit list. That would be Hess. Last night I went to pick up some dinner, and on the way to Publix, I stopped by the same Hess I've been going to every week since they opened it on top of a cow pasture a few years ago (Yes, there were cows grazing there). Since all the pumps were occupied, except for the few that always have the yellow police tape around them, I went inside to buy a lottery ticket. Then THE exchange.

The dude told me cash only when I swiped my debit card. I replied that it's debit, not credit, to which he replied that lottery is only cash, NOT credit and NOT debit, and has always been that way. Then the power play--he's worked at Hess for over 6 years and knows the rules. To which I replied that since there was manure where he is standing, I have been buying lottery tickets with my cash (debit) card. Oh, jeez, here we go. Apparently someone got fired just last week for doing exactly what I described, selling lotto tickets to someone on a debit card. I dropped my problem and gave him two crumpled up ones. But only because there was a Miramar cop watching the whole exchange, and because I smelled a little too nutty and roasted--I was a walking Penn Dark.

I have already contacted Hess corporate regarding policy and the Florida Lottery to see how they feel about retailers accepting cash cards (that's what I call them from now on, especially since they take the money right from my checking account). Seems more likely that guy was full of shit and blowing smoke about that being a fire-able offense. But like I said, I will find out. Until then, I will not buy anything there except lottery tickets with my cash card. (Let's see what happens later this week). And if I win the lottery, the big prize, I will forget about this problem. Wouldn't you?

One other footnote to my lovely Hess experience. It took 20 minutes to pump 11 gallons of gas. That was the second time of ultra-slowness from these guys' pumps in a row. And the pump handle didn't even click off when the tank was finally full. Rather, the tank just overflowed on the car and ground and my foot. Lovely. My face said it all.

Today I am having TommyKnocker ButtHead brewed by TommyKnocker Brewery & Pub in Idaho Springs, Colorado. The only other TommyKnocker I've had was the Maple Nut Brown Ale, which was much too sweet, so I'm looking for a rebound here. And yes, I know you were expecting a Beavis and Butthead joke here, but not tonight. Sorry to disappoint you.

Great aroma with plenty of malts and dark fruit scents. But I am predicting something very sweet based on the aroma too. I hope it's balanced. I first taste some molasses and dark fruits, like raisins and plums, and the beer is a little syrupy. Definitely sweet, but not overpowering, and as the beer progresses, you get a nice alcohol flavor that is cutting up that sweetness and leaving a nice taste on the palate. Medium body and very drinkable, but still on the sweet side, I'd say this beer has made a good impression and is one to check out.

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