Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twin Sisters Double IPA Ale

For the third weekend in a row, I was approached by the Jehovah's Witnesses in the Publix parking lot this morning as I was unpacking my groceries. I am not sure why these people think that this is an attractive venue to solicit membership, but apparently they must have some stats that I am not privy to. Maybe they know that they have at least as long as it takes you to fill up your car before you can get away (versus having door after door slammed in their faces during a residential walk), plus an unending line of new prospects. But this lady was just sitting in her car with the AC on waiting for the next person. She wanted to share some spiritual literature with me that was based on the Bible. When I told her "no, thanks" she seemed extremely surprised. She must have been a superstar recruiter that never was told no before. She went on to say that I should have a look, something to that effect. I told her no again and that I'd just read the actual Bible. And she walked back to her car to stalk out the next victim. Now I love that Publix, "my" Publix, but this is definitely something I don't want to deal with every week when I get my food and beer (and I am positive I am not alone). I guess I'll have to let my store manager know about the issue next time.

I'm going to a BBQ later on so I need to make sure I get my drink in for the day now. I stopped by Total Wine a few days ago and one of the brews I picked up was Twin Sisters Double IPA Ale brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado. I enjoyed their Milk Stout a little over a month ago as well. I didn't see these two sisters in a 12 oz. version, so I was forced to get the 22 ouncer. I hope I love it.

Very fruity aroma--some grapefruit and some fruits that are sweeter, maybe mango. The flavors burst on the scene with a mouthful of hops, lemony citrus and a nice amount of bitterness as well. There are some slight spicy clove flavors as the beer progresses as well. This beer is definitely sweeter than I expected with a very noticeable amount of caramel flavors and sweet fruits, too. It's not a super crisp or refreshing beer, but rather slightly too syrupy. There is 9% alcohol content in there, and while you can definitely taste it, it is nicely balanced and mostly hidden. Since it's the big bottle, I'm still drinking. I like the beer, don't love it, but I'm definitely glad I took the time to try it out. You should too.

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