Monday, June 29, 2009

Black Jack Porter

In honor of the beer I'm going to drink tonight, I'm going to tell you about my experiences with casinos and Black Jack. I've never been to Las Vegas; however, I've spent countless hours in Atlantic City thanks to grandma's house being so close. But no recounts of any of those trips are going to end up here tonight.

Rather, I'm going to tell you what it's like to play in Colombia, where I visited several casinos a few years back. First, I must say that I've never been through so many metal detectors in my entire life, not even during a trip to the United Nations. It all started in Cartagena, which was one of the stops we made while visiting. The first casino, I visited with my wife, and I was totally shocked to see how empty and dilapidated the place was. While I already knew every number in Spanish, I learned them like an expert that week, and also how to question the addition-challenged dealers when necessary. I also learned that each casino had their own house rules, subtly different than each other and the ones in AC, but enough to make a difference--the order the dealer got her cards, doubling-down rules, insurance, and a few others.

My second casino was much ritzier and even had an outdoor boxing match going on at the same time. The guy at the other end of the table kept muttering and criticizing me for playing mathematically perfect odds, of course in Spanish. And being an asshole (to match his assholeness), I told him to mind his own business and sarcastically asking him if my decisions were OK, in English. That went nowhere but my wife warned me to stop, that this was a foreign and dangerous country, and we didn't want to have him waiting with his gang outside afterward. Casino three was also slow, and I went alone, but it was funny because a guy I had met the night before showed up, coincidentally. Was fun, and I even shared a taxi back to the hotel with some strangers, against what I was told to do. Not smart.

Back to Bogota. Instead of shopping with the wife and mi suegra, I went to my fourth casino. Mr. Cartagena was there as well already playing. Seemingly he had the same trip as I did, I guess. Nothing eventful, I did OK financially over the course of the week. And I brought back four souvenir chips for a family friend of ours who collects them--I can't tell you how hard it was not to spend those. Can you say addict?

So in case you still haven't figured out which beer is making an appearance tonight, it's Black Jack Porter brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado. I've had a handful of Left Hands over the past several months. Oh, Lefties!

Black Jack Porter has a malty, caramel and raisin aroma, smells sweet. Up front, the flavors are thick and rich, sweet caramel, dark fruits and a roasted goodness all around. That sweetness is then toned down with some hops and coffee-like bitterness, including some coffee flavors. The alcohol makes an appearance and gives a nice gentle burn as well. By the end of this beer, the consistency and body seem much lighter, but there is a very good and lasting aftertaste. Very nice beer to take a look at (and then drink).

One of a Kind 1000 Pcs 11.5 Gram Clay Composite Chipset with Two Different Patterns.

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