Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blue Paddle Pilsener Lager

There must be a "wave" theme going around today. First we were talking about there being no waves, a perfectly flat ocean this past weekend here in South Florida. Not good for my friend's surfing experience. We brainstormed that maybe the surf shop needs to hire someone to power a wave runner back and forth to make it a better experience for their customers. Then I saw some (must-have-been-a-) geek talking about Google Wave, which apparently is a tool for communication and collaboration on the web being launched later this year. Which finally brought up the topic of the wave that people do at sporting events. Now you know that was invented by and for non-sports-fan event attendees dragged along to keep them busy. I have NEVER done it!

Well, I have my own wave as you will see. A wave of New Belgium beers over the next couple of days, thanks to a friend of mine bringing back some from Texas earlier this week. As I told New Belgium, I'd much prefer to go to Total Wine or Publix to pick up a six pack on demand, but I guess they can only grow so fast, considering they are employee owned (and maybe considering their brewery runs on wind power, although Florida has lots of hurricane wind to spare). So I'll need to wait or get creative. Anyway, to be corny of course, I'm jumping into the wave with a Blue Paddle. I know, that was ugly.

So Blue Paddle Pilsener Lager brewed by New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado--here we go! The bottle is nice and quaint, saying "Delight in your Good Fortune" and something about having wonderful friends (the guy who brought me the beer). They also make a point of rubbing it in with "only shipped within our western territory".

The aroma has a very subtle sweetness, not the typical bad-beer skunked pilsener aroma I'm accustomed to. So off to a great start. The first sip tells me this is a very light-bodied beer, but it does show off some decent bitterness and noticeable spices. Light flavors include an orange and citrus hint and maybe something else even weaker. Refreshing, yet not crisp, the beer ends with a dry finish. I don't know... I am not a huge pilsener style fan in the first place, but I can appreciate this beer as it was better than most I've had. And that it lacked that funky aroma and flavor, although the flavors were a bit weak and lacking. Check it out (if you're in their western territory).

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