Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blue Star Wheat Beer

Can you take a hint? Sometimes you don't know until after you missed one in the first place as they usually are not as obvious as Subliminal Man (here with that bitch Joy) made them out to be. Well, here's my best hint-missing story, at least from the hints I know I missed. I can remember sitting in class my senior year of high school with one of my friends, and she was asking me what I usually did after our Friday night football games. When I told her I usually hung out with a couple of my buddies, she asked a few more questions and that was the end of the discussion. But after more aggressive techniques over the next few days, I FINALLY realized she was trying to get me to ask her out on a date. I guess since I knew this girl for 8 years already, I wasn't expecting that at the moment, despite it being a welcome advance which ultimately turned into a long romance. So I am always trying to read between the lines, not in a paranoid way, but I do my best. Got a good story?

Hey, Total Wine, you've got a great selection, but you need to start adding a few new beers to the rotation pretty soon. I'm having a harder time every week picking out a handful of new beers, and refuse to hit the British bitter section. I am excited to say that I have a shipment coming back from Texas though early next week (hint: it's a surprise for me, but I think a few New Belgium beers are in the mix). Anyway, I need some new beer here. Today I'm drinking Blue Star Wheat Beer brewed by North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California.

Blue Star has a nice fruity, sweet and wheat aroma. No surprise, but you get a big dose of wheat up front on your palate as well. The flavors are very light and subtle, but besides the wheat, there is a little earthy and citrus component to this beer, maybe a little tart, but not much else. It is a refreshing and very easy-to-drink beer, especially on a hot day. I am not much for the seasonal beer label, because summer or winter, it's hot as hell all the time in Florida. But today is especially brutal outside. Summer stouts are welcome here, though. Overall, a nice beer, mostly forgettable and boring but still a member of the great North Coast team (and you Penguins fans know how it feels to be a man down). Anyway, I hope the Pens kick the Red Wings' asses in game 7 to reverse last year's Stanley Cup.

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