Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brooklyn Local 1

Did you ever get some water in your ear when you were swimming or in the shower, and you just can't get it out? Then you shake your head trying over and over, basically looking like an idiot? And no matter what you do, Q-Tips, lying on that ear, and more shaking, nothing happens except you deal with that major annoyance. Well, since yesterday, that's been me. At some point at the pool this nasty scenario reared its ugly head. Until a little while ago when this warm burst and just a trickle of a few drops drained out of my ear. Now that is the ultimate feeling. Some may say sex, some chocolate, whatever. With anticipation of more than a day and two trips to the pool, I say ear drainage tops the list. Hands down!

BTW, at the pool today I had both monsters and a friend of the older one with me. Another fit when it was time to go home, but no drownings and no angry parents on my ass. So it was mainly successful. I also saw a black guy with a farmer's tan like I had never seen before, one that would put Hoss in rural Georgia and other rednecks to shame. The imprint of the tank top on his body was like a tattoo, unbelievable.

So I set myself up today. Giant wine-sized bottle with a cork and everything. Nice presentation, too. I am talking about Brooklyn Local 1 brewed by Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, New York. Besides the fancy "B" on the bottle and cork cover, this didn't look like your typical beer from this brewery, so I'm hoping for something special. As nice as everything was displayed, I still have no idea what kind of beer I'm about to drink--the bottle isn't bragging style. I think I read a review a few months ago about this beer, but I must say that apparently I wasn't paying attention.

OK. Here we go. Nice pop to the cork, like a bottle of champagne. Equally nice aroma, very floral with a fruity and malty hint in there too. First impression is how much carbonation there is in there, but as that subsides, you get a burst of lemon zest along with some watermelon flavors. There is a little bit of sweetness, but I'd say there is more hops and bitterness in there. Bready and yeasty for sure. The 9% alcohol is noticeable but welcome. There is also some spiciness, mainly black pepper, that starts coming around after a few seconds. This is a pretty complex and mostly nicely balanced beer. Light, crisp with a dry, bitter finish. Actually as the beer gets a little warmer, that carbonation and the flavors are overall more beautiful. I'm liking it a lot more than my initial first impressions. For sure this is one you should try out, maybe with someone else as it's a lot for one person. Or whatever, be selfish!

Update 8/13/2010: The Brooklyn Brewery was kind enough to send me the nutritional content for this beer. 9.0% ABV; Per 12 fl. oz.: 245 calories, 1.9g protein, 12.8g carbohydrates, 0.0g fat.

Update 4/22/2011: Didn't feel like writing a whole new review, so I am just going to add it here. Today is Good Friday, a slow day at work and time to leave soon. I shared a bottle of this with a coworker. Great fruity aroma. Fresh apple and fruity peach flavors. Nicely tart and terrific yeast flavors, too. Excellent creamy champagne carbonation. Light alcohol accentuating the other flavors. Dry most of the way and spicy. Wants to be sweet but just barely bitter. Wonderful beer!

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