Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Censored Rich Copper Ale

I was recently re-reading and getting a great laugh from an email that was sent to me about a year and a half ago. The email was the final one from one of my business partners. The basic theme was how uncooperative I was, how I sabotaged our brands, and my favorite part was the "Type A Control Freak Know-It-All" label in all bolded CAPS. Business went on without that partner and flourished, but I still get a kick out of that email.

But I don't know everything, including something I probably should by now. A more-than-basic understanding of the Spanish language. Anyone else credit their Spanish language skills to trying to translate (here it is) that Jane's Addiction intro (spoken)? I do. Well, that... and Sesame Street... and being married to a Colombian woman for 12 years... and living in Miami. But Jane's Addiction just sounds better. Anyway, I've taken steps to try to improve my Spanish. I have a decent vocabulary, but my speaking skills are not good, unpracticed and I really hate to sound stupid when I fuck up so many verbs and tenses. But whatever. I can swallow my pride, I guess.

I've started drinking The Censored Rich Copper Ale brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California. Not sure what's being censored on the label, but I thought this was a good one to drink with my Jane's Addiction mention, since their album covers were certainly censored back in the day. Think Ritual de lo Habitual and Nothing's Shocking, for example.

There is a malty, dark fruit and caramel aroma. The flavors are similar, sporting sweet caramel, plums and dark cherries. The opening rich medium body is very good. Things thin out after a few seconds, when you get a little bit of bitterness and some slightly high carbonation. A very good beer, extremely drinkable. There is a slightly medicinal and metallic aftertaste, but overall this is something I would certainly pick up again.

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Ritual de lo Habitual--Jane's Addiction

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