Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale

My Day: 7:15am, 7-year old takes 3-year old out of bed and actually helps him take off diaper, forces him to use the toilet and dresses him, gives him dry cereal and orange juice. Mom and Dad sleep for two more hours, minimal screams, miracle. Dad and 3-year old go get gas, then to Wachovia, which now for some reason now has zero Saturday hours, can't get our Marriage Certificate to prove we're married for a company benefit, Bullshit. They didn't ask for us to prove our marriage when we got health insurance, what's up? Dollar store, which I hate. I needed a birthday bag or wrapping paper for a party today. I opted for the bag considering I do ALL the wrapping in our home. Publix, weekly trip, I'm planning on being a millionaire (via Lotto or Powerball) so I'm sure I wont be. One hour, got all the crap at Publix, same cashier and bagger that we've had multiple times, they love us and our issues. Unpack the groceries. Plan dinner. Shave, shower, shower kids, HFTH (which means hands, face, teeth, hair, in case you are ignorant). Then End of the World Rain and electrical storm. Jesus, I live in Florida, but this and last night's storm were INCREDIBLE with the wind and volume. Dude! We finally got in the car, Florida Turnpike where more than 50% of every car decided against driving in the power wind and rain and pulled off to the side to wait it out. I drove 10mph when weather called. Kendall, need I say more? Chuck-E-Cheese, double more? And that CEC is super annoying and loud, lines, assholes, parents, enough. Wife shops for 15 minutes, sucks. Trip home, another last second party invite, take beer, drink beer, drink beer, drink beer, Grand Marnier, Grand Marnier, rain, Grand Marnier, kid throws electronics in pool, no nap, Grand Marnier, home, he plays in the bath, now. And that's skipping several good ones, but you get the point.

Trying fruit beer Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale brewed by Great Divide Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. I've mentioned not being a fruity beer fan, but I have found some gems. And this brewery is a terrific one, as you can see from having several of them over the past few months. Think Hercules Double IPA. I am up for another fruit surprise and Great Divide gem.

Aroma seems to me to have zero raspberries in the mix, very surprisingly. Rather I get a very sweet caramel type aroma. Flavors, raspberry for sure and dominating. Not too sweet, but there are some sweet malty caramel flavors in there. There are no other flavors to this beer, NOTHING ELSE, zero carbonation, zero alcohol. The raspberries for sure make me forget that this is a beer at all. Seriously, this tastes like some unidentified mixed drink at a party, a funky fruit juice. Sorry, this one's not a star at all and find something else.

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