Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Honey Moon Summer Ale

I went to Tahiti around ten years ago for my honeymoon. The catch was that it actually happened a few years after being married. I guess we wanted to test out the marriage first. Just joking! We went to 3 islands including Bora Bora and had a really nice time. On the island of Moorea, we ventured off the hotel property one afternoon, and after a few miles of walking, stopped in a local grocery store. I wanted to buy some of the local beer, Hinano (you figure out how to view in English v. French), which was flowing freely on the Air Tahiti Nui flight over. I could see it, but the coolers were locked. When I asked to purchase it, I was told that no beer sales were allowed on Friday evening as to prevent the locals from spending their entire paychecks on it. I didn't have to tell him that I clearly wasn't a local, but I did anyway, but no dice. I didn't get my beer which made the few miles back a much harder walk.

At least when I got back, there were still topless European chicks at the beach, although I had to look around the extra hair (I really need to find that video too). Also, two other tips if you go: 1) skip the 4x4 truck ride up the mountain to see the WWII US cannons--the bumpy, terrible roads will make you sick and sore; and 2) don't pose for pictures with the huge local shirtless dude with the native tattoos at the resort, or at least don't let him put his arm around you. You will smell like BO for the rest of the day!

Today I'm drinking Honey Moon Summer Ale brewed by Blue Moon Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. I am pretty sure this is in the Coors family, as I've surmised before.

Sweet honey aroma with some gentle floral scents in there, too. Up front, there is a big dose of honey flavors with some slight spiciness and some orange in there, too. The beer is sweet but not overly sweet. Its medium body makes it less crisp and refreshing than some other summer ales I've had, but the flavors are good. The finish is drier and you do taste a little bit of the 5.2% alcoholic content in there. Not awesome but for sure drinkable.

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Lover Lady said...

This tip may be too "girly" for you, but a nice wedge of fresh orange squeezed into a glass of this beer amps it up nicely. Sadly, you will have to probably wait until next year to try this tip.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey there, Bunny. I've been known to bitch about beer garnishes across the board. If a beer needs a garnish to add flavor, you should move on to another beer. But maybe I'll give it a whirl anyway next summer when no one is looking. :) Thanks for the tip.

Lover Lady said...

I can see your point, however, I was given, as a hostess gift, a 6-pack of Honey Moon and, like you, found it to be a little...lacking. Not one to let fairly good beer go to waste, I added the orange for "enhancement" and actually found it kinda refreshing.

PS, Linked to your site from Cooking Asshole; was perusing for new beers yesterday. If you have any recommends for some good amber/brown ales or stouts, let me know!