Monday, June 1, 2009

PranQster Belgian Style Golden Ale

"Click it or Ticket!" That's the famous phrase from the wear-your-seat-belt campaign. And I think it's a terrific idea. Always wear your seat belt, even short trips, no matter what. You seriously don't want to hit the windshield.

Now considering that the government is so concerned with automobile drivers wearing seat belts, what I don't get are the motorcycle helmet laws and their progressive weakening. Riders used to have much stricter rules, but in the past decade, Florida and Pennsylvania, two states I've spent a significant amount of my life in, have actually weakened their laws, citing privacy rationale. Dude, privacy? What a joke! And completely hypocritical to the tougher seat belt laws. If you crash and fall off a motorcycle without a helmet at 50-100 mph, what do you think happens? My rocket science readers are getting out their slide rules right now, but let me tell you it involves a lot of blood and splat. Today I actually saw a motorcyclist riding no helmet, but the helmet was tied to the back seat. His helmet was his passenger. Motorcyclists, listen up, law or no law, put it on. It can save your life. That much more beer to drink--use that as motivation.

Right now, I'm drinking a PranQster Belgian Style Golden Ale brewed by North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California. Oh, you tricky North Coast guys, how clever with the Q instead of a K. I've had to stop typing and back up to correct that 3 times already now. You got me! I've had many beers from this brewery over the past several months, and almost without fail have loved every one. Show time.

Nice but not overpowering banana, floral and maybe a little citrus aroma. I noticed a lot more spiciness than I expected when I took my first sip--lots of coriander and orange peel greet you nicely. There are also some nice banana flavors in the mix. Carbonation is noticeable but not dominant and actually gives a nice sensation on the palate. The alcohol content at 7.6% is noticeable but mostly at the end. Medium-sweet and wonderfully balanced, the PranQster is creamy smooth from start to finish. Another terrific beer from North Coast. And I must say, it was far superior to the Duvel Belgian Golden Ale I had a week ago.

Now I gotta go make sure my 7-year old has his bicycle helmet on! Later.

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VanaBanana said...

I believe from a financial standpoint, eliminating helmet laws both saves money in medical expenses for the rider (No hospital bill if you die on impact) and also increases the number of viable organs donated.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Now there's an interesting take on things, completely emotionally detached. But I think the riders just want the wind in their hair and haven't factored in the fact that they too could crash.