Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Reverend Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale

Did some errands this morning with my 3-year old. First got some gas, then over to Home Depot for some hurricane preparedness purchases--48 AA Batteries, a few cases of water, some air conditioner filters, and a few plants for the garden (OK plants are not part of the preparation). Since I was in the area, wink wink, I dropped by Total Wine to get a few new additions to my upcoming week. I am very excited by a few that I picked up, so keep watching. Then to Publix, "where shopping is a pleasure" but man, what is up with this one dude from the butcher department? I want to look at meat and buy some, he wants to stand in my way and rearrange it forever. Then when I asked him if the chicken I picked up had bones in it, he bluntly said yes. So I had to force the obvious follow-up, "Do you have any boneless skinless thighs?" Nope, end of story. Home. Put away groceries. Lunch.

Then I went to the pool. But you should have seen the crew that was there for some kind of party, and I'll leave that statement to your imagination. I ended up talking to the mother and daughter of one of my 7-year old's classmates. When it was time to leave, holy shit (sorry, Reverend), the fit my kid threw could have summoned the police to see what the racket was about. After I finally dragged his ass home, gave him some cookies and listened to a little more back-talk, here I am. I love my kids, but condoms, people. Anyway, I'd rate today an average day compared to others, so all is good. On to the beer.

I've been wanting to try The Reverend Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado for some time. And I can't think of a better way to start off the day than with this big 22 ouncer. There's an in-depth story and commentary on the bottle as well. Apparently this beer was created in honor of one of Avery's sales manager's grandfather, Episcopal Reverend Luther Tucker (click on the bottle, which apparently is part of the "Holy Trinity of Ale"). This beer is supposedly "Created by God, Feared by Satan, and Loved by All". The bottle also has some "Eighth Day, Congregation, and parva cervesaria, MAGNA CERVESIA!" type stuff on it. Nice presentation!

There is a very nice fruity banana and plum aroma with a bit of spice in there too. First flavors are very good. Lots of sweet raisins and other dark fruits, mixed in with some caramel and banana. That sweetness is then cut by the 10% alcohol, providing a definite burn, not unwelcome in the beginning. There are some earthy and oak-type complexities that take a while to figure out, and with 22 ounces, you have plenty of time. Low carbonation and a thick, full body. After a while, the two main flavors that remain forever are sweet and alcohol; they stop balancing each other out. Overall, a really nice beer, complex, flavorful and I'm happy I had it. I think I would have liked it a lot more if there was less sweetness and if the alcoholic flavors were hidden better, especially toward the end of the experience.

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