Monday, June 15, 2009

Ruedrich's Red Seal Ale

I was reading an article about nano-brewing today, but found the part about Jimmy Carter signing the Cranston Act in 1979, which legalized home brewing for the first time since Prohibition, a much more interesting tidbit of information. Reminded me of the time I went fishing with (then just ex-) President Carter in the early 1980's. One of my neighbors and another guy from my home town knew him very well for a long time, and he'd come to our area to go fishing at a stream near my home. And somehow a bunch of kids and I got invited. I don't really remember much about the trip except that it happened, but it's a cool memory. My parents and grandmother have since been to several parties and dinners with the former President and his wife, but I've never had the honor as an adult. But it was really cool learning about the Beer Act he signed. Only Al Gore inventing the internet gets more props from me. (BTW, people, I already know that quote was taken out of context, but I don't care.)

Today I'm having another beer from one of my favorite breweries, Ruedrich's Red Seal Ale brewed by North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California. These are why it's a favorite brewery. I looked to see what the Ruedrich part was referring to but gave up after 3 minutes. Tell me if you know. On the label, you guessed it, a Red Seal, but the color definitely reminded me of that crazy horse of a different color in the Emerald City. Anyway, off to the beer.

Sweet caramel and slightly hoppy aroma. Very nice flavors including some caramels, malts, and roasted qualities. You also taste a good amount of hops making this both a sweet and bitter beer at once, and very nicely complementing one another. Great carbonation and a nice medium body and lasting flavors. There is a drier finish with a little bit stronger bitterness. Very refreshing, and since it's the only beer I'm going to drink today, I'm glad this was the one.

Watch out for some new beers coming back from a friend's Texas trip tomorrow or the next day.

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