Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sea Dog India Pale Ale

Happy Father's Day! I'll call you later, dad.

So let's see, anything special going on today? I've been going to the pool a lot lately, and today will be no exception. It's been brutally hot here in South Florida for months now. I was thinking about the good times my friends and I had at my best friend's pool. For a few high school summers, we invented and played our own version of pool basketball/water polo/WWE Entertainment. That was DunkBall.

DunkBall was a simple game, with truck inner tubes tied to opposite corners of the pool with the goal of getting a mini basketball into your goal. It didn't matter if there was an uneven amount of people or more smaller than bigger guys. The deep end as your goal was always the equalizer. There were also very few rules. You could hold whoever had the ball under water until they let go of the ball; they were fair game. No splashing--just annoying and several of us had contact lenses. No hanging on or jumping off the diving board or ladders as we started to break them. And no getting out of the pool, except to retrieve an errant ball. We usually had enough of the tubes at our disposal, but I can think of a few times we had to borrow some from the neighbors' pools in the middle of the night. Anyway, there were lots of fights, lots of times when someone thought they weren't let go of to breathe soon enough after releasing the ball, but mainly we had a good time. Until I accidentally got kicked in the ear one day underwater and my eardrum was perforated and filled with water. That ruined my day and swimming for the rest of that summer.

A footnote to that story is that the guy who kicked me and his brother, both regulars in the game, were arrested a few years after that for doing several armed robberies. First the convenience stores and gas stations, but their luck ran out when they went for a major grocery store. I hope that they didn't misconstrue our borrowing of inner tubes for a blessing of theft. I'm pretty sure the multiple county, multi-year jail sentences are over now, so hopefully they are doing better.

New day, new brewery, new beer. Today I'm drinking (well, I already had most of it) Sea Dog India Pale Ale Brewed by Pugsley Brewing in Portland, Maine, which apparently is part of the Shipyard family. Not sure why I always try, because usually I hurt my hand, but yep, this guy is a twist off. I don't hold that against any brewery, but some may think it screams cheap. We'll see.

Sweet caramel aroma with some slight hoppiness in there, too. There are sweet flavors up front, tastes like some caramel but also some sweet fruits. You also feel like you're eating the flower garden and the grass around it. Hops and bitterness kick in after a second, and a real sour taste hits the palate. I can taste some orange and grapes as well (or maybe the purple bottle label is just messing with my mind for the grapes). Dry, alcoholic, medicinal, acidic finish brought on by medium-high carbonation is the way we finish this beer. Certainly not a favorite. I don't link this to an IPA in any shape or form. Go for another beer. Ask if you need a recommendation.

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