Friday, June 19, 2009

Skinny Dip

I really wanted to throw up this very provocative picture of two women skinny dipping, but I guess my better judgment decided against that for now. It took me a while to find them too. Anyway, the first thing that comes to mind for me when someone says skinny dip has nothing to do with any of my own personal experiences. I wont bore you. Rather, I think of Christie Brinkley skinny dipping in the pool in Vacation. Oh, to be Clark...

There was this one time during college when a friend and I were swimming in the reservoir just off campus, but we were not skinny dipping. However, a few crunchy local townies showed up shortly after we arrived. One second I was sitting on a rock by the reservoir by myself and the next one of those local girls was dropping her drawers one foot away from me. I turned my head and only had hair in view, lots of it, including legs and armpits. Hold on, I need a beer to wash that memory away.

Today's beer will complete the New Belgium Brewery trilogy from the past few days. And I guess the next time I will have their beer is when they distribute to Florida. Skinny Dip beer brewed by New Belgium in Fort Collins, Colorado again has a cute label with a nice little story and the mood setter " crisp as chilling in a mountain pond".

Sweet aroma, maybe some caramel with citrus mixed in there. The first thing I taste is a good dose of hops with some lime and citrus flavors intermingled. Those are the two predominant flavors of the beer. There are some bready and doughy qualities, too. The carbonation is strong and the body is medium, matching pretty well together. This is a refreshing and crisp beer, although the aftertaste is a little strange. Overall a decent summer-style beer with a few twists.

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