Tuesday, June 23, 2009


See if you can have this deterrent arranged by your local police department, or maybe even by a cop that lives in your neighborhood. I've never been arrested and in addition to the upbringing my parents provided, I credit this encounter as a life-changing reminder to stay out of trouble.

When I was 9 years old (which was the last time the Phillies won the World Series, before their current Champ status), I was wandering around my little neighborhood looking for something to do. One of my neighbors had lost a bet with the only cop in our town, who I also knew because, well, this was tiny-town America. Everyone knew him. I don't know what the bet was, but the loser had to wash the other person's car. So in the driveway sat our town's police car. Being curious, I asked if I could get in and check it out. Mr. Policeman said sure, so I opened up the back door and got in. It was a hot day and after just a few minutes of being too hot, my interest was gone.

Time to get out of the car. Oops! To my surprise, no handles on the doors and a cage separating me from the front seat. So I banged on the window alerting him I needed to be let out. He just laughed. I tried to play the helpful card and let him know he was missing important radio communications as I was listening to them, but he just showed me he also had his mobile radio with him. And he laughed again. About 15 minutes later, he let me out and gave me a lecture about staying out of trouble and not getting arrested. I guess I learned my lesson well, but he did end up finger printing me 10 years later. Luckily, I asked for that as it was for a security background check.

Tonight is my 200th (live) posting, at least according to the archive tally. It seems like just a few months ago it was 100 (it was). Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. And I hope that you are able to identify with and get a laugh or two from some of the stories in addition to taking something away from the daily beer reviews.

So let's get to the Turbodog, a brown ale brewed by Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Have no idea what a turbodog is, but it's a cool name. I'm sure my pal Google might give me some hints but I'm too lazy for that right now. I've had a few other Abitas if you're interested in reading about those experiences, too.

Turbodog has a nice chocolate and coffee aroma. The flavors are also of coffee and chocolate malts. There are also some burnt and nutty qualities you will taste too. One thing I wasn't expecting was the amount of hoppy bitterness that swooped in to challenge those sweeter elements. Good carbonation and a medium-full body, this beer ends with a little alcohol kick too. The bitterness and flavors remind me a little bit of Guinness Extra Stout. This is my favorite Abita beer so far. Nice job!

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