Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Avery Anniversary Ale Thirteen

I went to the dentist this afternoon. My appointment was for 3pm EST, the same time as Michael Jackson's memorial. How's that for planning 6.5 months in advance? Nice private TV in my teeth-scraping room, too, at a time I'd normally be working. I got a preview of the event before I went over to the dentist's office from my co-worker's computer, listening first to (the very hot with a great voice, yet seemingly ultra bitchy) Mariah Carey. Then closing with Al Sharpton. Seriously, can't someone get this dude on a leash. He always sounds ridiculous, even at a memorial service. His speech reminded me of the Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall preacher role in Coming to America, what a great flick. The only thing he didn't say was "Freeze you diseased rhinoceros pizzle", but that would've made things super cool.

But back to the dentist and my TV. Sorry I misled you to believe I give two craps about MJ2. MJ is obviously and clearly Michael Jordan, so don't confuse that. And why the hell is a bankrupt state paying for a celebration? I asked Juanita (not her real name) to change the channel and we agreed on one of the ESPN channels to watch Manny Ramirez get roasted by 10-15 year olds for being such a punk with his steroid use. Some reporter from Sports Illustrated for Kids showed 50 clips of kids saying he should be banned and never go to Cooperstown, etc. Was awesome! Now go get a haircut, Manny!

I'm having Avery Anniversary Ale Thirteen, a Weizen Doppelbock brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. There's lots of information on the label. First, 13 was a lucky number for Avery; second, this is apparently a rarely brewed style; and third, the Rocky Mountain Goat on the label was put there to keep the tradition of goats being placed on Bock labels. My calculus 4 class in college finally came in handy as well. It helped me figure out that since this was a thirteenth anniversary beer and they were founded in 1993, this beer was brewed in 2006 and is three years old. I knew that class would pay off! Finally, the cap (under foil) says to Live with Passion! So that's my goal for the rest of this week. Watch out world!

The aroma is full of fruity orange scents, very refreshing and welcoming. I loved the aroma. First flavors, mmmmm (as in yum, not me thinking). Caramel and toffee, with the slightest amount of chocolate, and lots of raisins dominate the initial flavors. You can also taste some spiciness and maybe some toasted flavors in there as well. The initial sweetness is cut a lot by a blast of alcohol that really warms you up. The 9.5% alcohol content sticks around, too, to the point of making the end of each sip and frankly the whole second half of big 22 a bit too much. I can handle the alcohol, but it was too prominent and made a great beginning end with booze on my mind, like some kind of dark Caribbean rum or something. I heard somewhere that you're supposed to get a happy ending, but maybe that wasn't about beer. Anyway, medium body, good medium carbonation, a great aroma, and really nice initial flavors will not be forgotten. Try it if you can find it, as it's 3 years old and Avery has moved on to current anniversaries.

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