Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bison Organic IPA

So Michael Vick is out of jail and already well on his way to reinstatement in the NFL. Let's see which teams are willing to put up with the media hype and criticism for signing this guy. I can think of a few teams that don't even blink about hiring troublemakers and convicts, like the Cowboys, so Vick should have a job pretty soon.

I was thinking how cool it would be if the team that picks him up has the Cleveland Browns on their schedule this year. That way, the Dawg Pound would give some irony to his visit. The people that sit in that area are already pretty ridiculously riled up for each game, so throwing gasoline on the fire might go beyond insanity. As the story goes, the Browns' defense in the 80's used dog versus cat imagery to get them pumped up, which makes his potential visit even more interesting considering the opposing quarterback is the cat. One more outloud thought--what if Vick went to play for the Browns? That would be a funny twist!

Tonight I'm having Bison Organic IPA brewed by Bison Brewing in Chico, California. The bottle is bragging organic all over the place and the website takes that to another level. Beyond the organicness, you would probably not have guessed that this brewery announced a Carbon Offset Program. Wow! I guess live and let live. As long as the beer is good.

OK. So there is a nice citrus and grapefruit aroma, not super powerful but it has a good presence. The flavors provide a fairly powerful grapefruit and lemony opening. For sure there is a bitter bite but that is balanced by some sweeter elements, maybe a hint of caramel. The 6.8% alcohol content does show up as the beer progresses, but mostly it just provides an ever-so-slight warming factor. This beer is crisp, cleansing and refreshing. The finish is still bitter and a little drier. Pretty nice beer!

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