Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Wow! What a week so far, and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday, my seven year old was introduced to the darker side of the dentist's office. He got to see the dentist and not just the dental hygienist--goodbye Mr. Thirsty, the spit sucker; hello Dr. Drill on his back molar. The dentist was cool, explained everything, and told him what to expect. That didn't stop the dentist from calling in his backup hygienist to keep my kid's mouth pried open and his tongue out of the way. Was only 20 minutes to repair a minor imperfection, but as for my son, he's probably all set for group therapy. He was actually a really good kid, but who likes the dentist anyway?

Today, I needed to take the same son to the eye doctor to make sure he was seeing clearly. The optometrist put him through many tests that he passed quite easily, but listening to the exchanges between doctor and little boy was so funny. First, deciding which view was better, "1 or 2" then "2 or 3". When my son finally figured out what the guy wanted him to do, he said "2 is more better" to which the doctor replied, "2 or 3, which is more better?" Good stuff, following his lead. But the next comment I think caught the doc off guard. He put 3D glasses on my son and asked him to point to the ball in a book that was closer and above the others, to which he got "you mean the one with no gravity?" Come on, Dr. Eye, you should be more sophisticated with your questions. (I wasn't quite as surprised as our night time reading includes favorites Space & Science, 100 Mummies, Natural Disasters, and Ancient Egypt). Finally, pupil dilation with the promise of some dark glasses to protect his eyes from the sunshine. To which the optometrist got the response, "So then we're supposed to bring them back to you later?" When he saw how crappy those things were, he understood why we could just keep them. Anyway, no glasses.

Finally, beer. The most expensive beer in a can that I have ever purchased, with maybe a few sporting event exceptions where they really screw you for a Bud Lite. I am speaking about Gordon, a double IPA brewed by Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado. I have had one other beer from this brewery and thoroughly enjoyed Dale's Pale Ale. Gordon was named after Gordon Knight, a Colorado craft beer pioneer. There's lots of other stuff on the label too. BIG. RED. STICKY. on one side and on the other side [can'o bliss. satisfy ya.]

Big, hoppy grapefruit aroma. Very nice. There is a sweet opening to the flavors with some caramel at first. Then big brother bitter comes in to bite you with grapefruit, lemon and hops. The bitterness is not overpowering though. There are also some pine and spicy flavors in the mix. After sweet then bitter, both great, the flavors actually just disappear very quickly. A slight alcohol flavor is present, but at 8.7% it is almost completely masked. The finish is sticky and a little drier. Great flavors and an all around good beer. And it doesn't break on the pool deck.

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