Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hazelnut Brown Nectar

I recently came up with another genius plan to get beer not available here in South Florida. I went to the product line offered by Total Wine in Orlando only to find 50+ beers and around a dozen breweries that I have no access to in my local stores. Same state, so I've beaten the three tiered system and found a solution, right? Wrong! Apparently I missed a middle man in there somewhere and I need a locally licensed distributor to step up and have the product available in the territory where I live. The Total Wine guy that keeps having to deal with me is cool though, and I appreciate it. But this just keeps on getting better! So in my area, Gold Coast Beverage Distributors is the major player that I need to buddy up with. From what I've heard, they've bought out a bunch of smaller distributors and made a business decision to cut some of their offerings. So I sent them an email requesting that they expand that line again to bring a larger selection to South Florida. I can't believe how isolated we are here! Let's see what kind of reply I get, and I'll be sure to let you know. I hate this middle man system, if I neglected to mention that.

But really, no worries as I'll be going to Nickelodeon in Orlando anyway in around a month. (I'll say hello to Spongebob for you RH). I guess it would have been nice not to have to shop on my vacation, prepare a plan for what to get, and explain to my wife the three tier system (and the two cases in the trunk). But it's the next best thing, and I was given the store manager's name and number to help me through it. All Total Wine guy wanted to know is if I'd be driving my black Trans Am. And I could have done that, but then I'd have been left with a choice between my family or the beer!

Right now I'm drinking Hazelnut Brown Nectar brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. Speaking of Rogue, I just can't stop thinking about the Somer Orange Honey Ale of theirs that I had last week, which was absolutely terrific. Here's to hoping for another delicious beer like that one. Here we go with big 22.

There is a nutty and sweet caramel aroma, which is not shocking. Hazelnut to start things out with very malty flavors as well. There are also slight caramel and coffee flavors in there, too. I must say that this beer has a much lighter body than I was expecting, yet it is creamy smooth in my mouth. A slight amount of bitterness then comes in to balance the initial sweetness. Repeat the process--it's a pretty simple beer. Carbonation is low, and if there is any alcohol in this, I didn't taste it. The finish and aftertaste are mostly the same and subtle, malt and nuts, then gone. This was a very good beer. If it had a bigger body and tasted thicker and lasted on my palate a bit longer, I'd say delicious. Another winner from Rogue.

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