Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hop Ottin' IPA

Happy Bastille Day, to any French people that happen to stop by. Now on to the real topic for today.

After watching three grueling hours of the Home Run Derby last night, I think I'm going to need to find some alternate programming to the All-Star Game tonight. Ryan Howard (of the World Champion Phillies) had a decent showing, finishing third after winning it in 2006. Oh well! At least he wasn't blanked like the one dude in the first round. It's got to be pretty embarrassing to be one of only eight selected for the Home Run Derby and putting up a goose egg. Anyway, I'll probably catch a few innings of the game here and there, but mostly the All-Star Game is uninteresting and even worse than pre-season. I will want to know the winner so I know if the Phils will have home field advantage in the World Series this year, though.

I'm having a beer from a brewery new to me today. That's Hop Ottin' IPA brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, California. The first thing I noticed about this beer is that the bottle cap says "Solar Powered Brewery" which I must admit is pretty damn cool. The story on the back label talks about some crazy 1800's dialect that these people in Boonville developed. Were they so far in the Boondocks (ha!) that a new language spontaneously developed due to being so isolated? I mean growing up in Central PA with the "aints" and "haints" and "youns" was bad enough, but Boontling = hard working hops and Can-kicky bluetail = angry rattlesnake looking for a fight? Really?

Anyhow, here we go with the "Legendary Boonville Beer". Very fragrant with floral, hoppy and some caramel scents. Out of the gate, lots of hoppy bitterness, lots of lemon, and a little bit sour and acidic taste. Then you are able to taste some of the malts that tone things down slightly. Thin body, medium carbonation, flavorful. This beer ends with a dry hops bite and an alcohol and metallic aftertaste, which was the worst part of my experience. I wouldn't say this is the standard IPA, which is not necessarily a bad thing as I like creativity. I will also admit that the beer grew on me over its short life, but it certainly wasn't a favorite mainly because of the sour and metallic flavors.

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