Thursday, July 23, 2009

Longboard Island Lager

Listen up, Northeasterners, or those of you that are game for more than just a simple weekend road trip. I have a recommendation for a place to visit, if you haven't already checked it off of your list of must-see places.

Have you ever been to Newport, Rhode Island? I've been there a handful of times with friends and my wife, and I must admit it is one of my favorite little towns to just relax in. This is probably the perfect time of year to visit there as well, as they have beaches, fishing, the cliff walk alongside all the famous and spectacular mansions, beautiful photography opportunities, places to sit and eat out on the restaurant decks, and lots of history packed into a tiny little town. And those are just the highlights. Very cool place. Even doing the entire cliff walk one freezing March with my wife was an unforgettable experience, so if you haven't had the chance to visit, check it out. Heck, make it a longer trip and visit Boston and Providence, too. And you New York City people and others approaching from that direction, my other recommendation is to just skip the casinos in Connecticut on the way up and back. You already know what happens there and no, you can't beat the odds.

I'm taking tomorrow off, so let the weekend begin! I'm starting with Longboard Island Lager brewed by Kona Brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for Kona Brewery in Kona, Hawaii. The story on the label talks about Waikiki as the birthplace of longboard surfing. Isn't that where Magnum did his gig, too? Or maybe that's just where he went to meet the ladies. Whatever!

Very faint aroma--mainly floral and slightly malty. The flavors are also extremely weak and watery. There is some earthiness, some hops, some cut grass, and some malt. The beer is overly carbonated and leaves a metallic aftertaste. Its one attribute is that it's refreshing. For me, it tastes like one of the big three mass beers. I could forgive that, but only if you buy me a plane ticket to Waikiki.

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