Friday, July 10, 2009

Mojo Risin' Double IPA

The building where I work is undergoing some construction on my floor. A major tenant left the whole floor empty about a year ago and the property owner decided to break up the floor into several suites. We were the first ones back on the floor. But recently there has been some major demolition in the next office as they put it together for a new company. And with that demolition has come a lot of noise, strangers and dirt.

The dust and mess got to the point that the building manager insisted that these tradesmen put down some sticky plastic on the carpets, elevators and lobby floors to mostly just keep them clean. I guess the cleaning crew had a fit after a few days of that initial mess! I was walking to the side of that plastic a few days ago, a little off the direct line path to the door when I got a couple of strange looks from my coworkers. Which is when I had to explain to them that I didn't want to walk on the plastic because it reminded me of a scene from Lethal Weapon 2. I'm sure you know the one, where one of the South African dude tries to explain to his boss how he lost over a million dollars in Krugerrand. The boss sympathizes with him, gives a nod to his henchman, and the dude is executed, only to be wrapped up in the plastic that was protecting the floor. Then of course the obligatory one-liner joke.

So noise, no problem. Sledgehammers, the same. Dirt, whatever. But I'll be damned if some mafia-type dudes (and you should see some of these workers) are going to take me out and wrap me up in disposable plastic wrap.

Tonight I'm drinking Mojo Risin' Double IPA brewed by Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado. I had their regular Mojo IPA on the Phillies' opening day and was very pleased with it, so I picked up his big brother at Total Wine on the way home from work tonight. After a nice story about making this beer, the label also says this is the 6th release in their Looking Glass Series. Hoping for another awesome beer here.

Very hoppy and citrus aroma, powerful and nice. Lots of grapefruit, lots of pine and a hint of orange dominate the initial flavors. There is a slight initial hops bite, but it is surprisingly subtle (considering the bottle story I read), and an instant later, a caramel malty flavor jumps in and takes even that little bite away. The consistency is sticky, making your mouth feel like when you must have that glass of water in the morning. The 10% alcohol content then kicks in--you can taste it but it is actually very well balanced with everything else. A dry finish ends your experience, and just a slight alcohol flavor remains. I was hoping for big hops with more bite, but despite my wish not coming true, this was a nice beer and I'm glad I brought it home.

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