Saturday, July 18, 2009

Purple Haze

So the Sears Tower is now the Willis Tower, huh? I bet a lot of people in Chicago are psyched about that. But whatever, I don't know why people are so in love with the Sears name and even attach it to that building anymore. Sears bolted for the suburbs in 1992 meaning they've been absent from that building for almost as long as they once occupied it. Maybe it's time for some new blood in there. Personally, I will call it the Willis Tower and act like I don't know what people are talking about if they mention the Sears Tower. That's the way to make friends and influence people.

However, I do know what they are going through. Despite not really caring one way or the other, I still live 5 miles from Dolphin Stadium and don't think the words Landshark Stadium have left my mouth yet (minus jokes). I still call some female high school friends by their maiden names, which they love as well. Sentimentality.

This afternoon I'm drinking Purple Haze, a raspberry wheat beer brewed by Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs, Louisiana. After watching some old performances, I'm guessing this beer wasn't the inspiration for Jimi Hendrix and his Purple Haze. Use your imagination. Anyway, it's super-duper hot outside so I'm hoping this is refreshing and delicious all rolled into one beer.

There is a raspberry, candy-like aroma to Purple Haze. Lots of raspberry and wheat flavors open up this Abita Experience. It starts out sweet and a bit tart, then some powerful carbonation drives that down a little bit until the sweetness disappears leaving only a decent raspberry aftertaste in your mouth. The drinkability is very good, although a few more and the raspberry surely would be extremely annoying. To sum this beer up: light-bodied, fruity with carbonated (artesian) water, lots of water. Was a decent beer but my impression is that Abita had non-beer drinkers and even beer haters in the back of their minds when brewing it. "Hmmm. Maybe we can convert some new customers."

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