Sunday, July 19, 2009

Redpoint Ale

One of my friends recently got called for jury duty and was all pissed off about it. He was trying to figure out how to get out of it, which I think is a very typical response to that notice in the mail. Remember, though, it's actually an honor and a duty to serve in that capacity, so instead of being angry, figure out how to get past the small intrusion on your life and job, and go into the court with a positive attitude. You wouldn't want anyone to get a trial like those American journalists in North Korea and Iran, so your presence is essential.

I've served on jury duty three times. The first was in Yonkers, NY City Court. After they got through their terribly disorganized selection process, I was an alternate juror on a criminal assault case. Basically, a trouble-maker teenager was being chased by two cops and he ducked into a building in his apartment complex, allegedly flushed some pot down a toilet, and when he was confronted by the two cops (when someone finally let them in the door), there was a struggle. Apparently one of the cops got hurt during that struggle. All very believable events. However, one fact that came out during trial was that the hurt cop was around 500 pounds and the kid on trial was about 125, which made some circumstances change. During testimony, one of the jurors started crying and we had a recess. She was dismissed apparently because some of the testimony related to something that happened to her personally. So I was an instant non-alternate, and actually after testimony was over became the foreman. The one other thing I remember about that trial was taking notes for two straight days only to be reprimanded by the judge and having my notes confiscated. Apparently that was a no-no (and I wish they'd have said something sooner). In the end, the kid got convicted on one of five charges, the least serious.

Jury duty two was in Miami-Dade County Court. Now this waiting room, although you couldn't leave, had movies to keep us busy courtesy of the tax payers. I caught My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Maid in Manhattan that morning before being called. Felony drunk driving case. When questioned by the defendant's lawyer prior to final jury selection, I honestly answered his questions. I told him that I thought I could be impartial but that I felt drunk driving laws were about 100 times too lenient based on an experience my grandmother and great-grandmother had being hit. I guess I was not a good bet for his guy facing 20 years. Not selected and released with a certificate of participation and the gratitude of the court.

Jury duty three was in Broward County Court. As I was being called with 20-30 other potential jurors to be questioned, the case was resolved with some kind of deal. That's all we were told and we were given a pat on the back on the way out. Released again.

Today's brew is Redpoint Ale brewed by one of my favorite breweries, Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. They put a nice little quote on the side of the bottle. "Redpoint Ale. Ahhh, Success!! It's taken a lot of time and effort to create this unique, rich red ale with a distinct hop bouquet. Enjoy our achievement in celebration of your own accomplishments. Cheers!" I think I'll do just that.

Malty, a little floral and slightly hoppy aroma. The flavors start out malty and earthy, with some slightly sweet caramel hints. You can also taste a little roasted and nutty flavor. Then the hops come in and give this beer a decent bite. Medium-upper level carbonation is noticeable. The finish is a little dry and there is a metallic aftertaste as well. Good simple beer, but not a favorite and not one of the best from Avery.

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