Saturday, July 11, 2009

Somer Orange Honey Ale

I sent an email to Total Wine in Pembroke Pines this morning asking them if they can get me some new beers, as I'm running low on new options. Here's my theory. A. They have a ton of Dogfish Head beer here in Florida. B. Dogfish Head is in Milton, Delaware, so it just doesn't magically appear here in Florida. C. Total Wine has a few stores in Delaware. D. I read the beers available at Total Wine Delaware, and there are over 50 I'd love to have here that aren't available including those from Victory, Troegs, and several other breweries. Now, Total Wine corporate obviously already has a distribution relationship with breweries I am interested in, and since the truck has to pass through Delaware anyway to pick up the Dogfish Head, am I being unreasonable to think that anything available in Delaware should be available in Florida? Put it on the same truck. Pie graphs and detailed transportation charts are available upon request. Anyway, that story took much longer than my email, and I'll let you know what they reply.

I've actually spent most of the day grocery shopping (was that or roller skating, my choice), trying to figure out where to go on vacation, coming to the conclusion that I am not an IT type guy and will never successfully make my own home computer network, and finally a little gardening. I have some flowers in the front that are really aggressive toward their non-flowering neighbors, so I had to cut them back. You know, thinking about it, I've seriously been around flowers my entire life.

So my question... Do any guys out there like flowers, too? I'm not talking in a fruity feminine kind of way. Well, maybe I am, but men can like flowers and appreciate great perfume and like dolls if they want to without losing their manhood.

When I was 10 years old, I moved into a house with a greenhouse attached and a yard covered with lots of daffodils and rhododendrons and other flowers. The guy that had lived there for 20 or more years had made a flower showcase of the place. And it was our turn to take over. For years, I made entries into the annual flower show with all types of flowers and plants, sometimes arranging them in bowls to bring out some type of reaction. I was even disqualified one year for including a non-wild flower in the wild flower entry. Who knew? Anyway, anyone can love flowers. Best part now is that I don't even need to buy my wife flowers for any major holiday anymore. Her company imports flowers and she brings home a few dozen roses every Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and somehow they even know our anniversary. Cool! BTW, I am still a real man.

Today I'm having Somer Orange Honey Ale brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. Rogue is for sure one of my favorite breweries, mainly because of their great creativity across all styles of beer, and of course the quality of those beers.

There is a beautiful orange and floral aroma, with just a touch of maltiness. Very fruity orange and pear flavors up front with lots of honey right on the back of that. Surprisingly, it is not ultra-sweet, but just right. Some wheat and spicy coriander flavors also arrive giving the beer a little zip as well. Crisp, very refreshing. Light body, perfect medium carbonation, nice and smooth. The finish still shows off some honey flavors and they last on your palate long after the beer is gone. This is one of the best summer beers that I've had, and I'd certainly recommend it for everyone. Big 22 ouncer is gone! Very well done, Rogue!

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