Monday, July 27, 2009

St. Terese's Pale Ale

How was all y'all's weekend (I was at a conference one time where this super-duper southern dude from Georgia opened up his presentation explaining that was the plural of y'all)? Mine was good, thanks for asking. It rained a lot, but that was OK as I got to see my Phillies on TV Saturday (Fox) and Sunday (TNT). I guess you get your games televised when you're the World Champions! And these guys are really on a roll now--J-Ro put up a 5 for 5 including a grand slam Saturday and even the .200 hitters are hitting well.

I also got to see a few classic movies. I love Bill Murray in Meatballs, especially when he's explaining how they import 200 hookers from around the world for Sexual Awareness Week. Great Flick! I also caught the original Vacation with Chevy Chase. There are way too many favorite parts of that movie. When the mechanic suggests Clark has manure for brains, Cousin Eddie ponders the "helper" part of hamburger helper, Clark flipping out on the Moose. Funny stuff.

I dropped my little boy off with his grandmother at the airport earlier today. He'll be spending the next two weeks with my parents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (assuming US Airways eventually takes off from their already-delayed flight). This will be the first time he's been away from both of his parents for more than a day or two. I guess we'll see some changes around here too, so hopefully we and his little brother wont miss him too much. Should be a good and fun experience though. My father has big plans for them.

I just started drinking St. Terese's Pale Ale brewed by Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina. They have a nice little slogan on their label, "Just a wee bit different." I love breweries that push the boundaries a little bit.

Light, sweet, malty aroma with a touch of fruitiness. The flavors start out slightly sweet with some caramel and maltiness. But then some hops come in and provide a bitter balance to those flavors. Nice. There are some earthy, grassy and lemon flavors as well, and the bitter hops keep coming back to give a nice little bite. Medium carbonation, crisp, refreshing. If the flavors were slightly more prounounced, I'd have liked this beer better. But it was a pretty good beer all around.

Meatballs (Special Edition)

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Chevy Chase "Caddyshack" 16" x 20" Unframed Black & White Photograph

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