Monday, July 20, 2009

Steelhead India Pale Ale

Any of you seen the show on Comedy Central Tosh.O that is on Thursdays at 10? That is one funny and sarcastic half hour, making fun of online videos and posts, etc. I was watching an episode a few nights ago where Daniel Tosh picked out a few great questions from Yahoo Answers and highlighted them. Something like Q: If I stop having sex, will my vagina eventually close shut completely? Best A: No! and Q: Why wont my dog eat my (I think it was) diarrhea? A: Why are you feeding your dog your diarrhea? A2: That's not the question I asked!

Anyway, it's much funnier than just these two I (sort of) remember, so give it a shot. Lots of clips, videos from the internet, and other crazy stuff. I guess this show could be the sister of Jackass, which is also pure entertainment. Johnny Knoxville was getting hit in the ass with oranges thrown by Jai Alai players the other day. Genius.

Today I'm drinking Steelhead India Pale Ale, a Double IPA brewed by Mad River Brewing Company in Blue Lake, California. The label says "From the Heart of the Redwoods".

There is a very nice citrusy grapefruit and hoppy aroma, with a little malt in there too. The flavors unexpectedly start out sweet and malty with some caramel mixed in, but shortly afterward the hops, grapefruit and lemon flavors come in and start a fight. This beer is also a little spicy with black pepper and you taste some pine flavors as well. Medium body and carbonation, and a good amount of bitterness too, about right on all three areas. The 8.6% alcohol content also makes itself known along the way, a little more noticeable that I'd have liked, but not bad. You end with a dry and bitter aftertaste that lasts quite a while. Pretty smooth beer and nice flavors all around. Check it out!

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