Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summerfest Lager

You will probably recall that I mentioned a few weeks ago that my Facebook account was disabled. I immediately appealed after rereading their Terms of Use, at which point I received a message that they got my email and a note saying "We should get back to you soon." Now I don't know what their definition of "soon" is but I am guessing that it's not what you or I would consider timely. So fifteen days later, I replied to that message asking for some clarifications and to have my account reestablished. Within a day, one of their operations people, who I assume have to deal with this type of shit every single day, wrote back.

It was news to me, but apparently my account was "fake". Wow! I slapped myself to see if I was still alive and breathing, and gave some serious thought to see if maybe the hundreds of hours I spent talking to beer lovers about beer, establishing relationships with breweries around the country, praising the beer brands and styles I liked, having some fun with my friends, and basically being a very non-intrusive, friendly, nice guy was real. Could this have all happened in my imagination?

"Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names." OK, great. That's cool, so I'll just change and edit the same name I use here, "Beer Drinker", to the name on my birth certificate, and all will be fine in the land of Facebook. Right? Wrong! "We will not be able to reactivate this account for any reason. This decision is final." What?

So then I re-appealed the final decision, hardly expecting these guys to even read my new note. My re-appeal was mainly phrased in the form of a suggestion to Facebook on how they treat their users. I mean, really, why couldn't I just change my name? And how about when I signed up as Beer Drinker? I didn't get some pop-up warning to remind me of the terms that I agreed to, suggesting I use my given name. Do any of you really read the mile-long terms of use? If I treated my customers like these dudes did to me (and I guarantee countless others), I'd be fired and my company out of business. A simple warning in the beginning would surely save Facebook tons of money dealing with issues like this and have so many (now account-disabled) people still actively doing what Facebook wants in the first place, "connect[ing] and shar[ing] with the people in your life." And they'd have a lot more people reading their ads and making them money. Seems illogical!

But I did get another response, and apparently I was doing (in their estimation) something "misleading", which could include misrepresenting myself, my age, or my affiliation with any person or entity. Jesus H. Christ! Is "Beer Drinker" that misleading? I am a beer drinker, and again why would it be so damaging to allow me to change my name to come into compliance with these rules? My age? I didn't mislead. My affiliations? Again nope. And again, "Please be aware that this decision is absolutely final."

Of course, I didn't let it die there. I suggested to them again that they let me edit my name and have my account reestablished. However, I also thought out loud in my response to them that probably 50% of my hundreds of friends would soon be on the chopping block for the same reason. First name, cool beer-related nickname. The brewery they work for as their name. The organization they work for as their name. So if that's you, beware. Facebook will shut you down for not using your birth certificate name.

Why do I care? I care about great customer service, and this Facebook group provided zero of that. More than two weeks for a response, no way to rectify a seemingly silly situation, randomly selecting some people over others to deactivate. Will I cry? No. Would I have liked to stay? Sure, no doubt. I made friends and found friends that were helpful in my life and goals. But, you know what? I'll just continue to write solid, sarcastic and entertaining content and let my buddy Google make sure you guys all find me. End of story.

This afternoon I'm drinking Summerfest Lager brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. Some of their beers are absolutely terrific, while some others are just bland and average. Let's hope for the great kind today.

Extremely light aroma--floral and a little fruity. The flavors are also very weak. You taste some earthy and grassy flavors right away followed by some lemon and spices. Some hops and bitterness then come into play before a dry finish and a little bit of a metallic aftertaste. The medium-upper level carbonation is also a factor and very noticeable considering how weak and watery the rest of the beer is. Crisp and drinkable are about the only positives I can give. Find something else as there are lots of better beers out there.

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Bear said...

Unfortunately this happens to a lot of Conservatives on FB. I was deleted permanently with 3114 friends for Harassment. Personally I am more of a stalker or at least seriously obnoxious. LOL Use a new email addy and start a new FB account. I did, I'm back over 1000. Some of my friends have been deleted 6-7 times.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Bear. Thanks for the comment. I'll probably eventually start a new account over there, but for now, whatever! Talk to you soon.