Saturday, July 4, 2009

White Hawk Original IPA

First of all, Happy Independence Day! I love this country and wouldn't give it up for a Chavez or a crazy Korean dictator or lunatic Iranian or even some other self-serving European leader. Did I vote for Obama? No! But hell yeah I want him to be the most successful leader ever, bringing prosperity, low taxes, low inflation and the national security we all deserve. The jury's out on that for now. Anyway, thank you to the military and their families for everything!

Now, today I went to the local water park, first time for me this year. I had forgotten that the role of lifeguard has such a power play component to it. Really, I try to follow all the rules, but I certainly don't need a 17 year old telling me that if I am going down a certain slide, my 3 year old needs to be in my lap. In fact, he was in my lap until the very end when I pushed him along in front of me so we could get out of everyone's way. I heard another lifeguard telling some other lady the rules, too. Fine, I want safety, but it was a bit out of control today. There were at least 50 people (especially the older kids) that could have used a lecture. But then these teens would've lost their opportunity (for a fleeting moment in their lives) to dictate the rules to adults. Anyway, God Bless America and all the women that dressed in their US flag bikinis today!

Today I'm drinking White Hawk Original IPA brewed by Mendocino Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs, New York. The "Original" is referring to the recipe that the British used a few hundred years ago to make a beer that could withstand a long trip to their soldiers in India, so the bottle story goes.

Malty and floral aroma, no hops noticeable. The beer starts off with some malty and caramel flavors but quickly shows off much more bitter hops. There is also quite a bit of lemony citrus flavors and a hint of pine. This beer is a little sour, and it's not your typical IPA for sure. Medium body and the 7% alcohol content is only slightly noticeable. The bitterness lasts for the rest of the experience, and add in a little metallic flavor to the aftertaste. Not one of my favorite beers for sure. Too sour, not hoppy, and some weird flavors.

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