Thursday, August 27, 2009

Backdraft Brown

A friend of mine sent me a newsletter about an authentic Irish Pub that is opening this Friday down in Miami. That's Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub, which has a Miami Beach location too, but this one is their new bar in Brickell. Since I can't find anything about the new location on the Waxy website, here is the flyer that was sent to me, complete with slide show. Living in Yonkers, NY for 6 or 7 years, I've been to my share of very authentic Irish Pubs. My favorite Irish Pub experience was being a groupie one year when my wife got roped into their dart league by one of our friends.

Before that time, if I had to think of the most improbable thing ever happening, it would have been "my wife in a weekly ladies' dart league on the Irish pub circuit around the city of Yonkers, NY". But it happened, and she didn't embarrass this gang of super Irish chicks either. One season was enough though before she officially retired.

We have continued to play darts, sporadically. And I have my own darts, too, thanks to a Christmas present from one of my old roommates, but I've never been so anal as to take them to an actual bar. I play with what they have, usually the non-lethal kind. Anyone else like to play?

I just opened Backdraft Brown brewed by Hook & Ladder Brewing Company in Rochester, New York. The label says these guys make a donation to a local burn foundation for every barrel they sell. I guess that's what they are calling "A Penny In Every Pint". Very nice. I love it! Since we're on topic, I bet lots of firemen play darts to pass the time between calls.

There is nice caramel and brown sugar aroma, with noticeable hops in there, too. An initial sweet caramel flavor touched by a very light chocolate and nuttiness starts you out. But that is quickly swept away by hops rushing in, which balances this beer out nicely. A much lighter body than I expected, and this beer is a little watery. Medium carbonation followed by a (not unpleasant) bitterness in the end. Backdraft Brown doesn't have a lot of flavors and they are not very strong either, but they are good. Smooth and refreshing, I'd certainly have this beer again.

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VanaBanana said...

I'm terrible at darts, but we do go play here sometimes just to beat the boredom:

The bartenders are great too, and will let you taste anything on tap before you buy. You can be tipsy before you buy your first beer.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Tipsy and sharp pointed toys, it's really funny how darts became a bar game!