Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Black Hawk Stout

Oh, what a day here in Orlando! We decided (incorrectly) not to tempt the weather fate gods and go for a day at Aquatica. Probably tomorrow when we go the sky will be filled with lightning bolts.

But when my wife decided she was going to go to these shopping outlets, I jumped on the chance to carry out my mission to Total Wine in downtown Orlando, only 10 miles (and a maze) past those stores. My contact provided to me by corporate was there, but I didn't have time to say hello. I was being a mystery shopper. I did make it known to a few workers there (when they gave my shopping cart the look) that I was on this mission to get all the beers not available in Pembroke Pines. So I and three year old co-pilot filled three boxes with new singles, I'm guessing like around 70-80 or so new beers. I can't say I got every single one that was new; there were a few that would have broken the bank. Hey, RH, can you pass the word on at corporate that I'd love a few coupons? I did say hello to Diego for you since Spongebob is seemingly on vacation (I am guessing, since he's been MIA).

So, yep, I'm totally psyched with my Total Wine experience. I'd say that the service was pretty good, too, although I've been more impressed by my local PP store all-around. Could be they are just my home team, but I doubt it. Here's another review from last week, so pardon any time line inconsistencies. I have a great lineup on the way!

This evening I am drinking Black Hawk Stout brewed by Mendocino Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs, New York. This brewery is 25 years old, so they must be doing something right. The label says "The Legend Grows". We shall see.

Chocolate and dark fruit aroma, mainly plums and raisins. The flavors start out mostly dry and bitter with plenty of dark chocolate. There is also a coffee and malty flavor that persists throughout this beer experience. Burnt flavors including the smoke round out what this beer gives you. All of that was wrapped up in a thin and watery, light-bodied, low-carbonation beer. Lots of bitter coffee keeps coming in the finish and aftertaste. I'd have preferred something a little thicker, because although the label basically said to expect this type of stout, they also said to expect something refreshing and crisp. This was neither of those. But despite its limp body, the flavors were decent. I'd go with something else, personally.

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