Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brother David's Triple

A few more Nickelodeon Hotel observations and the ramifications. First, every five steps you see a plaque posted saying how much they value the health of our children so make sure you smoke in the designated spaces, which I totally appreciate. Funny thing is that at least half of the designated spaces are right next to employee-only entrances and workplaces. Do they value their employees' health less than their guests?

Second, the elevator for my building is Out of Order, which is such a beautiful thing. And we're on the fourth floor. So, health experts, a question for you. How many calories can you burn walking up (and down) 46 stairs? Let's add some complexities to that question... how about if I add two trips and three bags with a total weight of say 150 pounds. And how about if I do those steps with a gross of beer ounces (plus the 12 bottles and the Yeungling box)?

OK. Enough Seinfeld type crap. It rained 8 times according to my son today at Sea World, and every time they shut down the rides. I did overhear a 16 year old rant that every ride says that pregnant women should not ride certain rides. (My guess is she was 15, no shit, but my age radar is failing so she was probably 17). And I heard this right next to the Manta, the same ride with the recorded warning of super G force and improbable tensions on your body. I swear to God! My wife finally got on it between storms and was dizzy and puke-ready for hours afterward. No wonder fetuses are not welcome.

Finally, Dinner at Miller's Ale House, at the outside bar (inside minus the windows) during super-torrential rain, over a bunch of $2 Foster's drafts, getting lost on the way around an Orange County Sheriff's accident roadblock, teaching another Publix rookie how to ring up single beers, and then home. My feet hurt (and brain too)! Well, I have purchased 8 new bottles this week, but had no chance to review them. But here is one from just a week or so ago, this time more interesting than Bud Lite Lime from yesterday. Pardon the lies about me opening it now-everything was true at the time.

I'm opening big 22 of Brother David's Triple brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, California. The first thing I think of when seeing this bottle is "everyone has a brother David," including me. Everyone has an Uncle David, too, also including me, but that, my friends, is another long chapter that I don't have enough internet space to write all of those volumes.

The aroma is fruity and yeasty, and you can detect some alcohol, like a brandy or something. Malty and sweet caramel mixed with light fruits, mainly pears and apples, open up the flavors. There are also some sweet honey flavors in there. Some spiciness then really comes to the forefront, with cloves and black pepper being the main contributors. All of those flavors are decent, but then big brother alcohol and his 10% muscles take over the playground, in a rather unpleasant way. The body is medium to full, with a syrupy consistency. I'm about 2/3 of the way through this bottle and the drinkability is dropping by the second and sip. The alcohol is super prominent, if you didn't hear me the first time. There is a drier finish and more of that boozy aftertaste left behind. If the alcohol was hidden much more, the other flavors would have made this a decent beer, but it wasn't so I don't think I'll have this again.

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