Monday, August 17, 2009

Bud Lite Lime

Hey there! I'm on vacation in Orlando at the Nickelodeon Hotel. Yep, we got up this morning and drove the 3.5 hours. First impressions, unimpressed to say the least. They have some pretty decent big kid slides that are nice for my seven year old but my three year old is not tall enough for them, and the junior kids' slides are such pussies. Nothing in the middle.

Over at the baby slide, there were two other little kid twins with mohawks, and their dad said to one of his friends, and I quote (minus the fake name), "You got your knife with you, Russ?" I forgot that anything north of Palm Beach County is like living back home in PA (there are exceptions, but lots of rednecks). After a few hours in the water park, we got cleaned up for a Dora-type marketing show. On the way, we went to the bathroom. Kids resort, only one urinal low enough for my kids, while four were at the adult level. I think these guys could have used some professional planning. Call me next time.

Back in the room, internet doesn't work. So I call the number on the cable. Those dudes told me they lost the Nickelodeon contract but gave me the right number. That tech support had me almost there, but I couldn't figure out where to plug in the cable, so while we were at dinner, it got fixed. And, whoever visited (coulda been Santa) also replaced the clip that holds the cable in the computer (the dude on the phone told me that none of the rooms had that clip and that it should work fine if I just push it in; I find that to be total BS). As you can see, it works now.

Dinner out in Orlando, what a mess. The traffic, zero U-turn ability, 5000 Denny's. We ended up at a low-atmosphere, high-service Red Lobster. Pretty good. On the way home, I insisted on a Publix run. I decided to press the new cashier on buying six different singles. Nope, she needed the supervisor. Turned out ok. I bought those six, all new for me, for $1.79 each. Watch for them. Sea World tomorrow. My beer for today, I must admit, was Sam Adams Boston Lager, on tap and now direct from Publix. But I prepared a few reviews last week in case I didn't have the chance this week. Here you go.

Not being a beer snob, I am now (last week) going to drink and give my opinion on Bud Light Lime brewed by Anheuser-Busch (good luck finding anything about this beer there easily; try Google again with better keywords, or just listen to me below) in St. Louis, Missouri. My wife thinks this beer is pretty delicious, and she's probably gonna kick my ass when she sees one of her sixer missing (she didn't notice, doesn't really care).

Lots of lime aroma, but it smells a little fake. Grainy flavors, again with a lot of lime, but the lime tastes like what you get from those green limes (the plastic ones with juice in them). Besides those flavors, it's an incredibly boring lager with no flavor, yet not watery. Very carbonated and bubbly. Not a very good beer, even for the cheap stuff. And the lime actually makes this beer annoying and less refreshing. I felt like I was drinking some lemon-lime dishwashing detergent by the end of only one beer. Let me see what happens with the backwash on my dirty plate here (nothing worth waiting to see). Try something else.

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