Thursday, August 13, 2009

Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale

Grammar Prude recently wrote another good article, hitting some of my biggest pet peeves, and I must admit that I am super close to the edge of the cliff in my patience for poor grammar--daily reading of blogs, listening to people on the radio, emails, ugh! One of the neighbor kids asked me a few days ago if my son was home. When I told her that he was in New Jersey, she said, "what do that mean?" (It took me 2 minutes to let my fingers type that.) Really? I calmly explained that NJ is another country to the north of Florida, beyond the vast country of Redneck South. No, I didn't say that, and actually I corrected her very nicely, but that's what I was thinking. Then I cracked open another beer to try to forget.

I just opened big 22 of Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. Lots of information on the label and even more with a few clicks with my buddy Google. First, this beer is dedicated to the Hansen brothers, and Sig Hansen, the Captain in the beer name, is that crazy mo-fo that goes out fishing in the icy Bering Sea on that show Deadliest Catch. The other part of the name, Northwestern, refers both to where Rogue is located and to the name of Captain Sig's ship. When I saw it was dedicated to the Hansen brothers, I was glad that it wasn't the Hanson brothers of MMMBop fame. Whew! One last thing, part of the money Rogue gets from sales of this beer help support the Fisherman's Fund.

There is a malty, fruity and light hops aroma accompanied by some caramel as well on the nose. The first flavors I tasted were some slightly burnt and malty tastes. Those gave way to some nutty, specifically hazelnut, flavors mixed with a good dose of chocolate and toffee. I guess what you'd call a second wave comes in and balances the sweeter flavors. This wave includes a very nice amount of hops, grapefruit, apple, floral and pine, providing a good bitterness. There is also a fairly acidic component to this beer, made even more noticeable by the medium-upper level of carbonation. Bitter and still that nuttiness take this beer to the end, which finishes up pretty dry. Good beer, lots going on in there. I'm not sure that I'd say it's close to being a favorite, but worthy of a self-evaluation--yourself.

Deadliest Catch - Seasons 1, 2, & 3

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Bear said...

I always think of the Hanson Brothers from Slap Shot.