Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DPA Denver Pale Ale

You guys might need to bite the bullet today, metaphorically speaking. I'm fresh out of any sarcastic remarks. I just looked through my brain files and... yep, they are fresh out of anything witty to say. And it really is my fault too. I should know that I need to keep some in the reserve tanks for after work, but I guess I went overboard with one guy at my office today. Toe-to-toe for several hours, both verbally and emaily and IMy, is mentally draining.

For example, I was asked for advice on how to reply to a customer request. Less than 10 minutes later, before I could even read that email, I was cc'd on the reply to that customer. To which I asked why my input was even sought out. Let the games begin. On top of all the day's stuff, I took my three year old outside when I got home. So there I am watching my son outside, and basically half of the other kids that really can't protect themselves from traffic. And I wasted a ton of sarcasm on them. I used the "do you think I was born yesterday" type shit several times. So sorry if there is nothing left in the tank for you guys, but I did drink a beer (see below).

So I'm now drinking DPA Denver Pale Ale brewed by Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. I'm not positive, but this is either the last or one of the last new beers available to me here in South Florida from this brewery. It's a shame.

The aroma has a nice amount of hops and citrus scents, but also a bit of malt there, too. Flavors are malty to start, but then bitter hops rush in to balance that out on a wave of upper-level (yet not overdone) carbonation. The beer is then slightly spicy and with a strong dose of lemon flavors. A very faint bread taste, maybe even with some butter on it, as well. And again, very bubbly action in the mouth. The finish is more bitter, but very pleasant. Crisp and refreshing, cleansing and great for a hot day (hint: every day here). I was happily over-impressed. Not sure why, but my expectations were that this would be just Plain Jane, but it was a great beer. Finished.

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