Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fancy Lawnmower

I'm pretty sure that 11 days is enough time to reply to any customer service request (if you ever plan on answering). Now it could be my fault for not picking the right department, but I am positive that the director of purchasing knows his company well enough to re-route or delegate my request. You probably recall my mentioning that I contacted Gold Coast Beverage Distributors a few weeks ago in hopes that they could expand their product line, or at least let me know that they have no plans to do so. These guys are supposedly the big dogs on the block here in South Florida, so if anyone can do it, it should be them. Alas, they even don't reply to inquiries. I bet if a retailer called them up about their "Below Premium" beers or their "Malternatives (Flavored Malt Beverages)" products, they'd have been all over it. Those are some funny categories. "What do you want to drink tonight, honey?" "I don't know, how about one of these below premium Schlitz brews you picked up earlier?" Anyway, I'm guessing this tiered system also shields them from feeling any pressure to even acknowledge my existence since I am not their customer in the first place. Let's all unite and try to figure out a way to end this stifling system!

The whole reason I remembered writing them, besides my super-terrific memory, is that I am opening up yet another beer this afternoon that will never ever ever be available here in my area, another to come back from Texas with my friend. This whole system is such a pity.

This afternoon I'm drinking Fancy Lawnmower brewed by Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, Texas. On the label is Saint Arnold with his mug of beer and two not-so-fancy lawnmowers on a field of grass. I guess compared to my lawnmower, which I used earlier on my desperate yard, these are actually super fancy. Whatever.

Fancy Lawnmower has a light aroma--fruity, malty and a slight amount of hops. The flavors start out sweeter, mainly grainy, bready and grassy, which I'm guessing is why you need the lawnmower. It really tastes earthy and dirty, giving a bit of a pilsener-style funkiness to it. You also eventually taste some lemon citrus, floral undertones and a little bitter hops. There is a medium-upper level carbonation and the finish is crisp and smooth. Not a favorite and was just OK.

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