Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Karma Ale

Hurricane season is almost half over, and I haven't really even needed to start any full-force bitching about it yet. It's been incredibly quiet in the Atlantic, without even a named storm so far for 2009. Ah, shit! Until now.

It's almost official, but the first named storm for this year's Atlantic hurricane season will most likely be named some time tonight. This bitch's name will be Ana (think of all the Ana's you hate and start some voodoo). For those of you that live down here, yet for some idiotic reason have not at least done the simplest of preparations, get your ass in gear. I'm not talking crazy Armageddon type preparations, but at least go and get a few cases of drinking water and a few of those red containers filled with gas (and keep your car at least half full always during this six months). Get some batteries, find that radio, and remember that you might need to use your propane grill to cook everything and heat up bath water. Get a good supply of drugs (I know this is South Florida, but I'm talking the legal kind you require). Jeez, that's a good start. Oh, yes, a few cases of beer should also be on your list!

This evening I'm drinking Karma Ale brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. Apparently the inspiration for this beer was the principle "you get what you give". So I'll be providing a lot of love to everyone tonight, beer style. After a little looking, this beer is supposed to be a Belgian style pale ale.

The aroma is really nice, with some yeasty bread, banana and sweet citrus scents. The flavors top the aroma and are more pronounced. The beer starts out pretty rich with some slightly sweet honey and caramel flavors, with some banana and dark berries also in the mix. Some light hops then come in and balance that sweetness out perfectly. There are also some slight lemon and spices that make an appearance. Medium body and just the right amount of carbonation. I'd say that this beer has a nice creaminess, but once the flavors are gone, nothing is left on your palate. Until the next sip, of course. I wish I had more. Go get yourself some! Very tasty brew.

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