Monday, August 24, 2009


It's the most wonderful time of the year! That would be the start of the new school year, duh.

I remember my first day of school, ever, when I was starting kindergarten. There I was on Ft. Dix Military Base at the bus stop waiting to be picked up. Of course we had climbed on top and all around this little wooden house all summer long, like a jungle gym, always joking with the bigger kids that the police were going to arrest us for doing that. Then it happened. The military police came around the corner, stopped, and I and one other kid got our "don't let me see that again" lecture. Seriously, if you talk about something bad happening to you enough, it will eventually happen. But at least I wasn't cuffed and taken to jail. But scared shitless, yep!

Today was the first day of school in our area. For my youngest son, it wasn't that big of a deal for him. Yes, he got a new teacher and classroom and group of friends, but since his school is officially a daycare (that we call school), and we pay weekly for him to attend, he goes year round. Same shit, different day, and yes, there was literally shit involved, I am sad to say. (Without even trying, an awesome rhyme!)

My older son, however, is starting the usual transition from a summer of fun back to school, homework, etc. He had heard the name of his teacher before but missed meeting her last week at the school's open house while we were on vacation. Nickelodeon or meet your teacher early... Pretty easy decision. Over the weekend, he did find out from one of the neighbor girls that they'd both be in the same class. And a handful of others remained in his class. I can't get him to say much more than "good" to every question right now. I need to go check out what he has to say.

One more unrelated but equally important comment. The World Champion Phillies turned one of only 15 unassisted triple plays in Major League Baseball history yesterday. Kick Ass, especially considering it was against the Mets. And they won again today, putting up more runs in the first inning than the Mets did all day.

Today my beer is Salvation brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. Perhaps this might have been a better choice for a beer, at least name-wise, than Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout on Easter Sunday. It didn't turn out that way, however. But I loved my Old Rasputin that day and will go back for sure. Anyway, whoever at Avery put the labels on this bottle must have been drinking a few too many that day. The upper logo label is at least 20 degrees off center from the religious scene on the main logo. I'm guessing that wasn't on purpose. They also have a quote, "Salvation is discovering your passion, purpose, meaning in life. We brew, What about you?" Well, I don't brew, but I do consume. Is that good enough?

Fruity apple and pear with malt and caramel and a light spiciness for an aroma. Flavors start out with some pears and other light fruits, pretty sweet to begin. Some hops and spiciness balance out that sweetness. I mainly taste black pepper and ginger. This beer is a lot lighter than I expected it to be, which made hiding the 9% alcohol quite difficult. Avery did a so-so job at that. Light yet still buttery. The finish is oily and provides the lovely alcoholic aftertaste. Decent but not a star in my book. However, I will say it... Back to school is parents' Salvation.

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