Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Samuel Adams Double Bock

You're really not going to believe what I was doing last night. My three year old has been using the toilet for months now, but has problems with being scared to sit on the toilet to do "number two". This kid would rather shit his pants and get another lecture than just get it through his stubborn head that he needs to adapt to his age. So to get him at least past the fear of falling in, we pulled out the mini toilet used by our first son, one he can't fit in. And to further prevent the accidents, I've been forcing him to pee when he gets home from school and not putting his underwear and shorts back on, until he goes. Even this kid doesn't have the balls to just crap on the floor when he has no diaper or underwear on. And that has been semi-effective, but if you leave him alone with clothes on for one instant, he takes that chance to do his business. But last night he took the hint, and I found myself in a Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo moment, even photographing his deed for my wife to see. He was so proud! I'll probably spare you the picture.

Today, I couldn't resist opening up Samuel Adams Double Bock brewed by The Boston Beer Company (again, an investor relations page, but these guys just announced solid Q2 earnings if you're interested) in Boston, Massachusetts or Cincinnati, Ohio or Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. Wow, complicated. This is another in their Imperial Series and hopefully another awesome beer from one of my favorite brewers.

The aroma is very rich and sweet with lots of chocolate and caramel and maltiness. Flavors start out with some chocolate and malts complemented well by some dark fruits, raisins and brown sugar flavors. Lots of great flavors going on here, and despite the aroma, this beer is anything but sweet. There are also some spicy cinnamon undertones in the background. The 9.5% alcohol comes in after a second or two to provide a big kick to the beer as well as some warmth; it also tramples down the other flavors a lot. Full body, syrupy, very thick beer. I really liked this beer even though the alcoholic prowess was slightly high. Nice but beware if you can't handle the alcohol. Anyone else believe that Jamie Foxx is a real singer? I blame that on alcohol!

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