Thursday, August 20, 2009

Samuel Adams Hefeweizen

Hurricane Bill is a Big Hoppy Monster (and no I didn't find that beer here in Orlando, despite it being on the catalog list here and in Pembroke Pines, what gives?), but it looks like Florida and the US are basically safe, but even Canada could get a hurricane. Crazy shit! Warm water fuels hurricanes and I'm not sure Canada has any of that!

Today we had awesome weather in Orlando, but there was supposed to be some big time electrical storms this afternoon. Didn't happen. We went to Aquatica and spent like 7 or 8 hours there. The lines were never terrible, there were plenty of places to put our stuff and relax comfortably, the rides were pretty terrific, etc. One of the best attractions I've been to in several trips up here.

I was trying to get my three year old to follow me or something at one point when I bumped into this big tattooed dude. I said sorry, and got the reply, "Sorry, Mate!" Wow, I think that's the first time I've ever been called that. Lots of Australians there today. And there were even more people from the UK, but although it was on the tip of my tongue, I declined to try out a few "bloke" comments on them, although I really struggled to control myself.

We're headed home tomorrow. My recommendation for world travelers is to stay in a decent but cheap hotel near the attractions, skip the Nick Hotel unless you have self-sufficient teens that can take advantage of every moment you're at the hotel. Skip Sea World. But definitely do Aquatica during a weekday, plan to stay 6-8 hours, the lines will die in the afternoon. Skip the beach at Aquatica and park yourself under one of the many umbrellas by the lazy river. And without actually venturing into Disney, go to Downtown Disney one of the nights you're here.

Last night with pre-recorded (yet new and unique) review content. Here we go.

Up for today--Samuel Adams Hefeweizen brewed by the Boston Beer Company in either Boston, Massachusetts or Cincinnati, Ohio. These guys, as much as I love them, have gotten so corporate that their brewery website takes you to their investor relations page, and I'm not sure if you can even get to their beer selection from there--SEC Filings, Board of Directors and News.

There is a wheat and banana aroma. The flavors mimic that aroma, sporting lots of wheat, some banana and other fruitiness, and a bread aspect too. There is a bit of a sweetness, I can't put my tongue on it, but it's a little tangy and after a few sips gets a little annoying. Some bitterness takes some of that away and a little lemon, and very light hops and even lighter spices show up too. You are left with a bit of lemon on your palate as you finish this guy. Plus that tang remains, too, which is a big turn off. For sure not a favorite and I'll go have a Boston Lager instead now and forevermore. The End.

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