Friday, August 21, 2009

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

We left Nickelodeon this morning and are back home. I forgot to tell you all that I was "slimed" when I was there, a major part of the experience. Imagine standing by a giant bucket for 20 minutes with your 3 year old in your arms and your 7 year old next to you surrounded by a few hundred other kids. Also, the giant bucket was about 30 feet up ready to dump green slime on you. Then the chant "We want slime!" Followed by a river over your head for 10 seconds. It was not really that slimy, more watery. But it was certainly green and a little sticky.

On the way up and back, we played the license plate game, finding as many States, Commonwealths and foreign plates as we could. We did pretty well, finding 32 from the US, two Canadian provinces and Mexico. Try explaining the difference between a State and Commonwealth to a 7 year old. I told him to ask Google!

One last observation that I can't believe hasn't hit these pages yet. On the way home, we stopped for lunch at Wendy's. I really like this fast-food joint, but they have one extremely obvious omission from their menu, one which they could add tomorrow if they so choose. No bleeping juice! No apple, no orange, no nothing. Just fruit punch. How many families eat at this place and ask for that? It can't be just me, and it is oh so appropriate. To the beer!

Since I'm back home, today is obviously a live review. I'm starting with one I had in my fridge since before my vacation. That's Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale brewed by Smuttynose Brewing Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (which made the license plate list). There is a nice picture of a pumpkin on the label, labeled with its scientific name as well, Cucurbita pepo. Another pumpkin beer in August, huh? Well, I am game. I had the Smuttynose IPA previously and didn't like it, so I'm hoping this is a different experience today.

Very strong pumpkin and spicy cinnamon and clove aroma. Smells sweet as well, very inviting. Good pumpkin and cinnamon flavors right off the bat, but not nearly as much as the aroma led me to expect. That's not a bad thing, just an observation, as this beer was smoother and more refreshing than I'd have thought. That's probably due to a high amount of hops providing some cleansing bitterness that is very noticeable. There are also some orange and citrus flavors in this beer. Tangy but not sweet at all, with a medium carbonation. The finish was a little disappointing as the flavors all dissipated and left only a slight metallic aftertaste on my palate. Overall, a good beer, nicely crafted and balanced with high drinkability. I'd try one if I were you.

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