Sunday, August 23, 2009

Snake Dog IPA

So I went to a party in deep Hialeah this afternoon, with some former neighbors. Sorry to disappoint you, but there were no cock fights this afternoon. But these guys did barbecue an entire pig, head on and all. Not your normal everyday stuff. When my Colombian wife said that "this is even too Latin for me" I knew I wasn't crazy. English? What is that? Dude, I broke out the broken Spanish handbook from my mouth for this gig. But these guys are super nice people. AND they had a beer fridge on their back porch--I want one of those. Presidente, Heineken, Corona, and a stray St. Pauli Girl--typical choices, but I submitted.

What did my Gringo kids do? They and the Americanized kids there played some version of Guitar Hero, but with singing. I walked in on a 5 year old singing some angry power rock song, and scoring quite nicely, I must admit. My kids also decided that the food was not for them, what a surprise.

One teenager dude in the corner, had to be related and dragged there, had on Prada sunglasses, some kick-ass Nike basketball shoes and an awesome Bulova watch. No way this kid had a job to pay for that stuff, but I resisted asking the oh so obvious questions. Anyway, it was a nice afternoon, and I always enjoy being with these people.

Today I'm drinking Snake Dog IPA brewed by Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland. I'm pretty confident saying this is the first time I've had a beer from this brewery, not for a lack of desire, though. First, the label. What the hell is with that weird-ass picture? Well, I guess it's obviously some prehistoric dog with a snake head coming out of the body, but jeez. Very original to say the least. The back of the label also tells a story about your psycho ex and how the annoying qualities of that ex actually go into making this an awesome beer. We'll see.

Hoppy, grapefruit and citrus aroma, nice yet not super powerful. The flavors are stronger, with lots of grapefruit and hops, giving this beer a nice solid bite. There are some piney flavors as well. Snake Dog has just enough sweet orange to balance out that bitterness. Medium carbonation and very smooth, this beer is refreshing, crisp and I can't taste any of the 7.1% alcohol in here. The bitterness lasts all the way to the finish, just right. This is a really good beer that I'd say you should certainly get for yourself.

Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ, 12.7oz.

High Polish Chrome Engraved Zippo Lighter - Hialeah

Little Tavern Deluxe Wine and Beverage Cooler

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